Study Abroad Programs at UAF



Why Study Abroad?

For many students, studying abroad is one of the most memorable parts of their college experience — and one of the most rewarding. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn a new language or experience living in a different culture. Studying abroad is also an opportunity to broaden your study options and can even help you get a job, as employers increasingly value graduates who have engaged in collegiate study abroad opportunities.

While some international host campuses do have foreign language requirements, many others are taught in English or offer beginning-level language courses. There are also many study abroad scholarships available, and you can use most types of financial aid to help with program costs.

The benefits of study abroad

  • Experience a different culture
  • Earn UAF academic credit while you're away
  • Gain valuable career and graduate school preparation
  • Develop foreign language skills
  • Use UAF scholarships and your financial aid
  • Make life-long friends
  • Gain unique life experience


north2north exchange student program

Study in the Arctic and focus on issues related to the North. The north2north student exchange program allows you to choose from more than 50 universities in nine countries, and offers up to $2,500 a semester in study abroad scholarships.

International exchange student programs

UAF has partner universities all over the globe, offering exchanges to 17 universities in nine countries.

Study Abroad Providers

UAF works with affiliated study abroad organizations who provide comprehensive academic opportunities around the globe. Most classes are taught in English. Courses may be offered through a host partner university, and/or are ar-ranged by the provider through an overseas study center. Tuition to the host university and most other semester costs are included in the study abroad organization’s program fee, or are paid directly to the host university. Several affiliates provide an automatic discount or a pell grant match to UAF students who participate in their programs.

National Student Exchange

UAF is a member of the National Student Exchange program, which offers students the opportunity to study at a host member campus in another US state, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, or Canada! 

Students participating in NSE can either pay UAF tuition or the in-state tuition rate to their host campus, de-pending on availability. 

Featured international destinations

Explore some of our most popular study abroad programs and apply today to start your adventure:

International internships

Earn academic credit while working in your field anywhere in the world. International internships are a great way to gain professional experience overseas and apply coursework to real-world challenges.

Not sure which country to choose?

Try Semester at Sea!



Study Abroad Scholarships 

Students participating on any program through International Student and Scholar Services will still receive most UAF scholarships as normal, including the Alaska Performance Scholarship, UA Scholars, and most privately-funded UA scholarships. Some UAF aid, such as the Nanook Pledge or tuition waivers, are only able to be used on certain programs. VA funding can be used on select programs.

There are also a few UAF scholarships specific for students choosing to study internationally. Exchange students participating through a north2north partner are eligible for up to $2,500 per semester. Other opportunities include scholarships worth $5,000 for College of Liberal Arts students and Spanish ma-jors.

Many other organizations outside of UAF also offer scholarships to encourage students to study over-seas. We have a list of some of the more common scholarships for overseas study on our website.