Arlo Davis


Admissions Counselor

Territories: Alaska - Rural and Southeast


Arlo joined the UAF Office of Admissions team in fall 2018. Growing up in Nome and Selawik, Arlo first discovered UAF in 2003, when he thought he was going to be a civil engineer and Snowcat wheels were still the cutting edge winter bike accessory. Arlo graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a bachelor of arts in English (2016) and is currently pursing a master's degree in Arctic Policy.  During his undergrad, Arlo learned the basics of rhetoric and debate from the world renowned team and competed in four Cabin Fever debates. He minored in dance and held a solo performance during the year end program performance, in which he rocked authentic Japanese clothing, a full face bike helmet and sunglasses, with a blend of crunchy electronic music and Tuvan throat singing providing the soundscape.

After taking a detour through Sitka and Morocco, a few welding classes, and many different jobs, Arlo arrived back in Fairbanks. Alaska has given Arlo a knack for seeing the space between urban and rural Alaska, which he greatly hopes will help him in his new role as the UAF Rural and Southeast Admissions Counselor.