Josh Hovis


Admissions Counselor

Territories: Alaska Nanooks athletes, lower 48 states (except Oregon and Washington)


Born in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Josh made his way north at a young age. He has spent the majority of winters close to the arctic circle and over half his summers in the southern United States close to the Mississippi river.

Josh graduated in 2011 with a double degree in Sociology and Fun, both conferred by UAF, but in far different ways. His B.A. in Sociology allowed him to pursue his academic interests in the areas of popular culture, understanding social movements and theories, sequential art storytelling (aka comic books), cryptozoology and all manners of gaming culture (from table-top, CCG, and video games). Currently he is pursuing a Master's degree in Justice Administration.

During his student life at UAF, Josh feels he earned a degree in the fundamentals of fun while utilizing a foundational understanding of gamification to add to learning outside the classroom. He was a founding member of the UAF Quidditch and Pop-Con clubs, was a member on the Nanook Traditions Board, participated in multiple intramural sports while he was a student and much more than can be listed here.

Josh hopes your interests will take you outside the classroom just as his took him on exchange to Australia, to visit UAF students in Japan, study dinosaur fossils and present undergraduate research at national conferences.

Currently, he lives in a dry cabin with a growing colony of wild rabbits.