Tuition and Fees

Visit the Financial Aid office website for a breakdown of semester and annual costs. There are many fees you will be responsible for paying. Use the Tuition Calculator to estimate your tuition and fees; your actual fees will vary depending on which courses you take (which will affect your student fees, your textbook fees, etc.), what type of housing and meal plan you choose, etc.

How to pay your fees

Visit the Bursar's Office website for information about how to make a payment.

  1. does not allow a charge from the U.S., or
  2. has a daily, weekly or monthly maximum that is less than the amount the student owes UAF.
  • Please contact your bank or credit card company to make sure you won't have these issues.

If you are unable to pay the entire amount by the deadline, you may set up a payment plan. With this option, you can divide the amount into two or more payments spread out over the semester. There is an additional fee for this service, and you will have to set up the payment plan and make your first payment by the fee payment deadline.

It is your responsibility to resolve any fee payment issues by the fee payment deadline.

Exchange and study abroad students must have their course list/study program reviewed once you have finalized your schedule (completed all course changes, adds/drops) and are happy with the course selection, and before paying fees, before the fee payment deadline.