Orientation Leaders

During Orientation you'll meet a team of specially trained student Orientation Leaders; we call them OLs. OLs will help guide you in your transition to the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Pune, India

HI, I'm Arsh. I moved to Fairbanks for college from India in 2012. I liked UAF so much that I've decided to pursue my Masters here as well. Being from a tropical country, I'm always asked how I like the cold. My answer, "I like it better than the heat because you can always add more clothes but there's only so many you can remove". I love campus life and have been active in various clubs both related and unrelated to my major. 


Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Anchorage, AK

I have lived in Alaska my whole life and I definitely plan on coming back to it after I am done with my educational career. My ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist and to work in Alaska. I love the outdoors so my hobbies include iceskating, cross-country skiing, hiking and camping. I chose UAF because it was in Alaska and I didn't want to leave but also because of the friendly environment and fun atmosphere. I have met so many amazing teachers and friends that have made my time here absolutely fun and amazing. I live on campus and enjoy every minute of it because it feels like a home away from home. I am so excited to welcome the new Nanooks to UAF!



Major: Petroleum Engineering
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ

Hey, I'm Daniel but you can call me Danny! This is my second year at UAF. I chose UAF and Petroleum Engineering my freshman year of High School. UAF has a great Engineering Department and one of the best Petroleum Engineering Programs in the World. I am originally from New Jersey but I have lived in Florida, Colorado, and California. I speak 2 languages fluently Farsi (Persian) and English. My first year at UAF I became a ASUAF Senator and love to help people out!



Major: Tribal Management
Hometown: Shishmaref, AK

Hello! My name is Esau Sinnok and I am Inupiaq Eskimo. I am the leading student officer for Native Games run through Rural Student Services, and I am also a representative for the Nanook Diversity and Action Center. I am also an Arctic Youth Ambassador for the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. UAF is my second home; I have been visiting the campus for the past six years for summer programs and summer school. UAF is a great school as it provides a wide range of degrees and certificates that anyone can apply for!


Major: Music Performance
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Hi! My name is Hannah, and I'm a sophomore at UAF. I came here from the East coast, recruited to swim for our UAF's Women's Swimming team. I play the flute, and study Music Performance, playing in the band and orchestra here on campus! I love Alaska after growing up in Washington, D.C. It was a big change, but being surrounded by such intelligent and outgoing students here at UAF makes it all worth it. I live in Lathrop dorm on Lower Campus, and I look forward to the 2017-2018 school year!


Jason T.

Major: Undecided
Hometown: Glennallen, AK

My name is Jason Terzi and I am from Glennallen Alaska. I love football (go hawks) and outdoorsy stuff like hunting/fishing/hiking. My '92 Ford Explorer is my pride and joy.


Major: Psychology
Minor: Natural Resources Management, Film Studies
Hometown: Chicago, IL

My name is Jordan and I am a transfer student from Illinois. I transferred up here my junior year because I wanted to experience something different. Once I came up here, I did not want to leave! I love the winters up here and how much the community is involved. I am involved with the Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy Board in the Office of Sustainability and the Food Recovery Network on campus. I also work in the Office of the Registrar and in the Department of Residence Life. When I'm not busy with school or work, I enjoy exploring with my puppy.


Major: Linguistics; MBA
Minor: German
Hometown: Wasilla, AK

Hi everyone! My full name is Ekaterina Nagibina, but I prefer to just go by "Kate." A few years ago I immigrated to the U.S. from Moscow, Russia and now mostly live in Wasilla, Alaska. I finished my bachelor's in Linguistics here at UAF with a minor in German and right now finishing the Master's of Business Administration with a concentration in General Management. Some of my hobbies include socializing, rock climbing, gun shooting and constantly learning something new in my field.



Major: Biology
Hometown: Eagle River, AK

Hi! I'm a second year student at UAF studying biology and nursing. I decided to come to UAF because Alaska is home and I just could not bear to leave. I live off campus but you can usually find me in the Murie building or in the Wood(:



Major: Rural Development
Hometown: Kodiak, AK


Major: Digital Journalism
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Fairbanks, AK

My name's Mikey and I grew up right here in Fairbanks, not too far from campus. Shortly after graduating high school I got a student job with UAF Career Services. After being undecided for a while, I took a year away from school trying to find a major and eventually found interest in Digital Journalism. I really love my job as a Student Ambassador and enjoy introducing incoming students to the vast opportunities and amazing people here at UAF. When off campus, I can be found playing video games, making music (or noise) with friends, or exploring the woods around my dry cabin.



Home: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Sports Management and Outdoor Leadership

I come from a military family so I've traveled quite a bit, but Alaska is definitely home. I love how close it is to nature and the close knit community here at UAF. Although I'm a commuter student I am involved in the Vegan Vegetarian Society and The Gender and Sexuality Alliance club here on campus. I have dreams to become a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer. I'm the co-owner of a local dog business known as Nyyrikki Kennel. You'll find me in the summer picking berries or mushroom hunting and I love to take photos, metalsmith and design tattoos in my free time.


Major: Associate of Arts
Hometown: Fairbanks

I have been raised in the winters of Alaska and the summers of Arizona to the point I don't know what temperature I am sometimes. I love drawing cartoons and hope to start a webcomic someday. I'm working on my Associate of Arts which I hope to have done by the end of next spring.


Major: Communications
Minor: Art
Hometown: Cold Bay, AK

Hello! My name is Robert Doerning, and I hail from Cold Bay, Alaska. I am entering the final semester of my 6 1/2 year journey with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. My hobbies include, but not limit to, calisthenics and powerlifting, slacklining, climbing, biking, and reading. UAF have provided me with unique experiences to learn and pick up fun hobbies such as these, and I'm looking forward to passing some of that knowledge on!



Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Biochemistry
Hometown: Palmer, AK

I am entering my third year at UAF, and I love it here. I am from the Valley area, and I chose UAF because it was far away from home, but still in-state. I enjoy the small campus which really allows you to get to know all the people around you. I really like the science program that they have here, with tons of research opportunities and great professors to work with. I spend a lot of my time studying outside of my classes. My hobbies include baking, fish keeping, and writing.



Major: Rural Development
Minor: Yup'ik
Hometown: Naknek, AK

Waqaa (hello)! My Yup'ik name is Tukni and my English name is Shaelene I come from Naknek, AK. I am Yup'ik/Filipino/Alutiiq, I have 3 younger sisters and I own a dog named Gypsy. I came to UAF 5 years ago and will be graduating this spring! Woohoo! I love being outdoors, fishing, hanging out with friends, reading and advocating for injustice. I look forward to meeting the 1st year students and helping them have a great experience at UAF!



Major: Psychology
Minor: Justice
Hometown: Lajas AFB, Azores, Portugal

Hello! I'm Shay and this is my fourth year at University of Alaska Fairbanks. As a senior in high school I decided to challenge myself by going to college through the AHEAD (Alaska Higher Education Admission Decision) program here at UAF; thus began my wonderful relationship with this school. I love the endless opportunities for students of UAF and the feeling that anything is possible if you put yourself out there and utilize those opportunities. The faculty and professors aim to inspire, and for me, they continue to achieve just that. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about UAF!



Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Petersburg, AK

Hi! This is my third year here at UAF. I live here on campus in McIntosh Hall and love every minute of it. I am constantly busy because of the many things campus has to offer. Most of my time is spent either in class, doing homework, working or socializing with friends, so I have a very busy schedule. What I love most about UAF is how close-knit the community is. It is almost impossible for you to not be walking around and not see someone that you know. If you see me around campus or have any questions just let me know!



Become an Orientation Leader! 

Orientation Leaders assist new students and their families in their transition to #NanookNation.

Role Description:
Expectations and responsibilities for Orientation Leaders (OLs) include:

  1. Attend and actively participate in all OL training programs.
  2. Assist with the organization, planning, and implementation of NSO programs and activities.
  3. Acquaint new students with campus services, activities, facilities, and encourage them to actively participate in the UAF environment through a positive and professional manner.
  4. Lead, manage and facilitate a group of 10-25 new students and their development through the NSO process.
  5. Give informative, friendly and engaging campus tours.
  6. Continue to interact with the incoming students through their first year at UAF; be approachable and respectful.
  7. Participate in the evaluation process of the UAF NSO program.
  8. Additional duties as assigned.

The minimum qualifications for OLs include:

  1. Good academic standing (i.e. GPA of 2.5 or higher) and good disciplinary standing for at least one semester at UAF.
  2. Relate well with students, parents, faculty and administrators.
  3. Be reliable, responsible, confident, flexible, willing to help and have demonstrated communication skills.
  4. Express a desire to learn more about UAF.
  5. Be available for all training and NSO sessions (Fall dates: Aug. 18 - Aug. 26, 2017).

There are numerous benefits to becoming an OL at UAF! These include:

  1. Personal, professional and leadership development.
  2. Enhance interpersonal skills, knowledge, confidence and service to others.
  3. Serve as a role model while assisting in the transition and retention of new students.
  4. Receive a stipend of up to $250 in Bear Bucks.
  5. Early move-in to the residence halls for those living on campus.
  6. Exclusive apparel and other swag.
  7. Make new friends and be recognized for being a great leader.
  8. IT'S FUN!!

Time Commitment:
Orientation Leaders must be available for training beginning Friday, August 18 through the end of the New Student Orientation program on Saturday, August 26, 2017.

Apply to be an Orientation Leader.
First consideration will be given to applications received by Friday, April 7, 2017.

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