Meet Ariana


Pronouns: She/her/hers
Fairbanks, AK
Major: Film and Performing Arts
Minor: Film Studies

Hey everybody! I am currently working on my fourth, and hopefully final, year here at UAF. My many memories of time spent at UAF include late-night rehearsals in the theater on campus, open-mic nights and poetry slams with my friends, having a Thanksgiving feast with strangers at the art department, and attending all of our Nanook Traditions events. I spend a lot of my time on campus; however, my time is also spent in North Pole, where my family lives, and catching up with friends outside of school. It has been a great experience to learn here. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, I'm always up to meeting new people!

10 things about Ariana

  1. I've road tripped from Arizona to Alaska at least 6 times.
  1. My favorite food has got to be burritos; I'm always down for a burrito.
  1. My siblings and parents all have black hair, I am the only one with red hair in my family.
  1. Last semester I got to study in New York!
  1. Naps have become a lifesaver for me. I can nap just about anywhere.
  1. I've traveled across the US many times since my father is in the military.
  1. I feel like the sky is underrated; we have so many beautiful evenings here.
  1. My sisters and I are really into alien and dinosaur movies; we feel there aren't enough good ones out there.
  1. Doodling is one of my favorite pastimes.
  1. Though I live in Alaska, I love the sun. I'd pick heat over cold any day.

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