Meet Talliq


Pronouns: He/him/his
Shishmaref, AK
Major: Alaska Native Studies

Hello! My name is Talliq. My English name is Esau. I am a former Arctic Youth Ambassador. I am currently involved with Native Student Union, Nanook Diversity and Action Center, and Aarigaa on campus here at UAF! UAF is a great school that offers a wide range of degrees and certificates that anyone can apply for!

10 things about Talliq

  1. I have 36 siblings (from my dad).
  1. I live on Sarichef Island, otherwise known as Shishmaref, Alaska.
     Map of Shishmaref
  1. My parents are dog mushers!
     Dog team
  1. I grew up with 5 mothers: one great grandmother, two grandmothers, and two mothers.
  1. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper!
    Drinking Dr. Pepper animated gif
  1. I got my certificate in Tribal Management!
  1. I am a 2016 White House Champion of Change awardee.
     Esau at White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity awards
  1. I am a 2016 Denny Wilcher awardee for Young Environmental Activists.
  1. I am a 2017 Spirit of Youth awardee.
  1. The Cavs are my favorite team!

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