Meet Nicholes


Pronouns: They/them/theirs
 Northern Virginia
Major:  Rural Development

Hi y'all, my name's Nicholes, I'm Virginia-born Washington resident. I moved up to Fairbanks (my first time this far north) as of March. 2017. I'm a proud nontraditional student and ex-dropout; I've been a Cheese-maker/Hoop breaker, Ground Crew at Dulles International Airport and a Security Officer/Systems Monitor. All of my jobs were probably helped by my constant traveling; I've lived in Japan, Thailand and Poland and consequently never lived anywhere longer than four years. Now I'm pursuing my degree in Rural Development and I'm really enjoying returning to my academic career and getting my feet wet with my studies.

10 things about Nicholes

  1. I'm bit older than most students and once stayed up one night with my father in Yokohama, Japan to see what would happen during Y2K.
  1. I've lived in three other countries besides the United States, but I've also visited Germany, Singapore and Israel.
    spinning globe
  1. I love comics, books, movies, animation, television and short films. I will always have a suggested list at the ready if anyone needs theater
  1. My first dream job as a child was to be a zoologist and save the key deer.
  1. I'm a karaoke master, by which I mean that I love it, sound horrendous and have no shame about any of it.
    karaoke performance
  1. I used to be a metal-head with the hair to boot.
  1. My news diet is excessive to say the least.
    oversized newspaper
  1. I love black coffee and all teas (even herbal tea) more than any other drink on the planet.
    pouring tea
  1. I walk everywhere, tell me somewhere and I'll just go.
    walking animated character
  1. I love all dogs, but my favorite breed is the greyhound.
    running greyhound

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