Focus Groups

Focus Group on Language Revitalization

We are an interdisciplinary research group made up of Native and non-Native scholars in the fields of linguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, education, and archiving. We focus on Alaska Native Languages. We work together to understand the dynamics of language maintenance and revitalization. Our research supports community efforts to strengthen the presence of Native languages throughout Alaska. Our goals include outreach, education and support for everyone interested in increasing Native language use throughout the state.

Our first step will be defining a collaborative research agenda that draws on the different strengths of its members to achieve a uniquely powerful and flexible approach to language revitalization.

Members: Anna Berge, Ronald Brower, Walkie Charles, Gary Holton, Lawrence Kaplan, Patrick Marlow, Kathy Sikorski, Sabine Siekmann, Siri Tuttle

Focus Group on Language Contact and Change

The purpose of this focus group is to conduct research on language contact and change in Alaska. By "language contact and change," we mean the effects that languages have on each other through both long- and short-term contact, changing contexts, the effects of contact on language relationships, multilingualism, and effects on the regularity of sound changes. In the process, we examine varied interactions within and between language families, including indigenous and colonial languages. We are interested in all periods, from the present to the past to the distant past. We consider a variety of methodologies and approaches.

Members: Anna Berge, Lawrence Kaplan, Siri Tuttle, Gary Holton


Our meetings will be held monthly starting in fall 2012. At the meetings, a designated member will present a question for discussion; the last 20 minutes of the meeting are reserved for research planning. If you would like to participate, please contact Anna Berge (

Annotated Bibliography

The articles in the bibliography provide an overview to some of the key topics and issues relevant to the revitalization of endangered languages. The articles are not intended to provide a comprehensive overview of all the relevant literature, but to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the listed topics. (Download the PDF)

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