The sculpture program offers undergraduate, and graduate degrees in Sculptural practices emphasizes a balance between concept, context, and process. The available facilities for the production of sculpture consist of ceramic equipment, mold-making, a complete welding shop for metal fabrication, plasma cutting, glass casting, wood and a foundry for metal casting of aluminum, bronze, and iron, as well as non-traditional materials and techniques. Specialized technical equipment, include a computer controlled plasma cutter, glass slumping and 3-D digital computer modeling in concert with University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College.

Students carve, cast, glue, and weld experimenting with a broad range of materials. Sculpture's emphasis on understanding the world of contemporary expression aims to strengthen and focus each student's sense of personal direction in the arts.

The BFA and MFA programs in Sculpture is a selected group of students that are expected to produce a technically and conceptually challenging body of work informed by a historical and contemporary awareness of Sculpture. The program provides a sequenced studio approach to three-dimensional creation in a variety of materials and techniques that prepare students for lifelong learnings as a professional artist or in one of the many secondary professions available to someone with a diverse background in three dimensions. Through the demonstration of techniques, materials, studio practices, and critiques, students begin to answer questions concerning conceptual content to help make the transition from assignment-based studio work to independent practice, the BFA/MFA programs includes structured and one-on-one studio critique with faculty.

Summer Metal Pouring Winter time metal pouring


Degrees offered through the Sculpture program include Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in sculpture. Graduate studio space is in a separate building.


Wendy Croskrey

Professor, MFA

Wendy Ernst Croskrey is a professor at UAF. She received her MFA from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 1990. She has served as an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. Professor Croskrey has been a visiting artist and presented workshops in Alaska, Arizona, Canada, Colorado, Minnesota and Texas. She has commissions in various regions of the country including Alaska and the Midwest. Solo and two person exhibitions include The University of Tasmania, Australia, Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, The International Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska, Nemo Art Gallery Anchorage, Alaska, Jeffery Tabor Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Other invitational/juried gallery exhibitions include The Babuino Arte in Rome, Italy, The Poimena Gallery in Tasmania, Australia, University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska, the ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona, the University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Beijing, China, and Chuck Leviton Gallery in New York.

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