Academic Program Review

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NOTE: A process improvement effort for program review is underway, and no program reviews will be conducted in 2021-22.

Information about Program Review improvement effort

Academic program review is designed to meet the standards of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the accrediting organization that oversees UAF, as well as to comply with University Regulation 10.06.010.B.  As required in Regulation, centrality of the program to the university’s mission, program quality and distinctiveness within the UA system, student demand, employment opportunities for graduates, program productivity, efficiency, and total cost are considered.  Every academic program at UAF undergoes review at least once during a five-year cycle.

The reviews are conducted at three levels, including a faculty committee, an administrator committee (consisting of deans and campus directors), and the Chancellor’s Cabinet.

Program review and student learning outcomes assessment processes do not require IRB review: Guidance on Research

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