Academic Program Review

Program review reporting deadline

Programs undergoing a full review or a shorter mid-cycle review in 2022-23 will need to submit reports by November 21, 2022.


Academic program review is designed to meet the standards of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the accrediting organization that oversees UAF, as well as to comply with University Regulation 10.06.010.B.  As required in Regulation, centrality of the program to the university’s mission, program quality and distinctiveness within the UA system, student demand, employment opportunities for graduates, program productivity, efficiency, and total cost are considered.  Every academic program at UAF undergoes review at least once during a four-year cycle.

The reviews are conducted by peer committees within the college or school; these committees have the option to refer a program on to a university-wide committee of faculty and administrators.

Program review and student learning outcomes assessment processes do not require IRB review: Guidance on Research

All programs are in a four-year cycle of review, with a mid-cycle check in.  Reports will be due in the mid-cycle and full review years, which include a section on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA) work.

Four-year cycle of program review

Each active degree or certificate program is on a schedule which determines their current phase in the review cycle.

During any academic year, the Program Review process follows the following general timeline:

By September
  • Departments have access to online reporting portals
  • Student success data is updated in data dashboard
Monday prior to Thanksgiving
  • Departmental reports are submitted using the online reporting portals
December 1st - March 1st
  • College- or school-level committees conduct program reviews; feedback relayed to departments
March 1st - May1st (when applicable)
  • If requested, university-wide committee conducts program reviews and shares results with Faculty Senate, provost and departments

Under the new program review process, we are using Airtable software for the departments' reporting portals and for the reviewers in committees to provide programs their feedback. User access to these tools is tied to your email address, and so you will need to log in to Airtable using single sign-on:

  • Select the option to Sign in with Google, and then enter your address when prompted

screen shot of login page

Departmental data for program review is supplied through Power BI, and you will be prompted to log in using your UA domain username and password when accessing the data dashboard. Power BI works best in the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari browsers; Internet Explorer is not supported.

Power BI login

  • Direct link (coming soon) to the data dashboard, which is also available in the department's reporting portal. Log in using your UA username and password.
  • Weekly office hour with the office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research:  Thursdays from 1:30-2:30pm via Zoom
  • College and school identified data liaisons

Departments are asked to report on SLOA activity in both the mid-year and full review reports. More guidance and resources can be found on the assessment website.

Visit the SLOA website

Access the current plan on file for your academic program here

Program review links and guidance from this point on are specific to your role in the process:

Departments or Programs - Will prepare reports, access information, and utilize resources related to academic degree and certificate programs' improvement

College/school Review Committee - Will review departments' submitted reports and provide feedback regarding academic programs

Data Liaisons - New in 2022, data liaisons are individuals in each academic unit who have volunteered to serve as a program review resource for understanding and using data

Deans and Administrators - Will oversee the review process and utilize resources related to the departments and academic degree/certificate programs in their unit

Step 1: Use this page to look up where your program(s) is/are in the review cycle for the current or upcoming year, using the search field at the upper right of the screen

Search for a program

Step 2: Depending on where you are in the review cycle, access the appropriate portal for program review reporting, and then choose your program(s) from the menu on the left

Remember that access to these portals is linked to your address, and so you will need to be signed in using Google organization login or SSO to use them.

Step 3: If you need additional help in working through the student success data dashboard, use the following available resources

Step 4: Submit your report by November 21, 2022.  If you encounter problems or need additional assistance, check out these additional tools and resources!

Step 5 (optional): Give us your feedback

Review Timeline

October Training for committee members in each college/school
November 21 Departmental reports are due
December - February  Committees conduct full program reviews and provide feedback
March 1 Deadline for committee feedback or referral to university-wide review 

Conducting the Reviews:

Committee work will be conducted in a review portal; access to the portal is linked to your address, and so you will need to be signed in using SSO to use it.

Help, guidance and feedback:

Data timeline:

June-July Training for data liaisons for the upcoming reporting year
August Financial data compiled for programs undergoing  full review; student success data updated by Sept. 1
September-October Departments accessing data, may request consultation or assistance
November 21 Departmental reports are due
December - February College/school review committees meet and discuss programs, may have questions around data

Definition and duties

Each college or school has identified at least one person to serve as a data liaison, a trusted resource and "translator" between departments, college review committees, and the Office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research (PAIR). Data liaisons will provide data expertise and assistance around the standardized data provided to departments for the purposes of academic program review.  This may include student success data utilized for a mid-cycle or full program review, or financial data provided for a full program review. Data liaisons also share observations and concerns around the standardized data with the PAIR or Accreditation and Assessment offices in order to drive future improvements of program review data.

Training materials 

Data resources and feedback

June - July Training of data liaisons, portal updates and other maintenance for the upcoming reporting year
August-September Financial data compiled for programs undergoing  full review; student success data updated by Sept. 1. Training for departments submitting reports.
October Training for committee members in each college/school
November 21 Departmental reports are due
December - February Committees conduct full reviews of programs in the college/school; as committees complete work, deans or directors conduct reviews. Feedback or referral to university-wide committee due by March 1.
March 1 - May 1 If applicable, university-wide committee conducts reviews of any programs referred to that level.


Deans' review portal - access the reports submitted for programs under full review, view the college/school committee's feedback, and enter your own feedback for programs. Requires logging in with single sign-on.

Video: Using the dean's review portal

College/school overview dashboard - get a summary overview of where programs in your college/school are in the review cycle, what kinds of recommendations they are getting, and more.

Video: Using the dean's overview dashboard

Direct link to the data dashboard (coming soon), which is also available in the reviewing portal. Log in using your UA username and password. Guidance about browsers and Power BI.

Additional help, guidance, or feedback: