Food Bank

The Lion's Club, in partnership with the library and Bethel Community Services Foundation, runs the monthly Food Bank distribution. Through a joint effort, we have hired staff with CARES funding to help run Food Bank in response to necessary adaptations in response to the COVID pandemic.  We recognize that the food is especially important during this time when many are suddenly and unexpectedly out of work. In order to get food to the people that need it most, starting in October we will again be providing food bank by delivery. Thank you to Jesuit Volunteer Eleanor Oser (library), and Food Security Coorindators Carey Atchak (TWC) and Robert Hodges (BCSF), for coordinating this program.

If you need food from the Food Bank, please fill out this short survey

Then, if you haven't received food from the Food Bank before, please fill out the two attached  documents and email them to  OR call 907-545-5043 to fill out over the phone.  Leave a message, and someone will call you back Monday-Friday between 9 am and 5 pm to take your information over the phone. 

Document 1

Document 2

Jesuit Volunteer Community

2019-2020 Jesuit Volunteers delivering Food Bank (from left Julia and Jaela)