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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides administrative leadership and oversight, including fiscal management of grants and other funds. Core staff also oversees travel, human resource management, purchasing, public relations and communications.

CANHR’s director is the leader of the core and leads the scientific work, providing mentorship and an intellectual climate to inspire and increase funded grant proposals for new research. The director also leads strategic planning for long-term funding to sustain the life of the center.

Administrative Core staff provides public outreach through the CANHR website, newsletters, brochures and other publications. Staff also plans and coordinates meetings, seminars and other events.

Core Personnel:

Administrative Forms:

CANHR Fax Number:

  • 907-474-5700

Community Engagement and Clinical Support

The Community Engagement and Clinical Support Core facilitates and supports community-based participatory research by drawing on local community knowledge and scientific expertise to implement and evaluate culturally valid and effective approaches to research in Alaska Native communities. The functions of the core include:

  • Facilitating and sustaining community/CANHR partnerships by engaging the community in all phases of the research process.
  • Supporting researchers in the development and implementation of linguistically and culturally appropriate research protocols.
  • Providing technical capacity to collect clinical measures and biological samples. 
  • Processing all biological specimens collected in the field and maintaining a secure biological storage facility for CANHR investigators and Alaska Native participants.

The CECS Core supports CANHR's central theme of community-based participatory research through strong and sustaining community partnerships with Alaska Native people.

Core Personnel

  • Scarlett Hopkins, CECS  core director, 216A AHRB, 907-474-5693,
  • Eliza Orr, cultural consultant, 216B AHRB, 907-474-5172,
  • Jynene Black, research technician, 907-474-7547,
  • Field research assistants

Fax Number

  • 907-474-5700

Experimental Design, Biostatistics, and Data Services

The purpose of the Experimental Design, Biostatistics, and Data Services Core is to provide centralized research and statistical design, data analysis, and data management services to research supported by the Center for Alaska Native Health Research.

EBD provides:

Research Design

  • In collaboration with the Community Engagement and Clinical Services Core, development of innovative experimental designs reflecting cultural sensitivity, responsiveness to community input, and providing answers to research questions advanced through CBPR models.
  • Sample size/power estimates
  • Development and evaluation of surveys or other instruments
  • Planning, directing, and reporting biostatistical analysis and advising on interpretation
         Missing data replacement procedures
         Transformation of data
         Providing tables and graphs for publications
         Reviewing reporting of inferential statistics in results sections for accuracy

Data Entry

  • Data entry and basic quality control including imports
  • Organize, label, file and store hard copies according to IRB protocols
  • Ensure confidentiality - remove information as needed
  • Link participants between studies
  • Upload files to secured shared network
  • Track data inclusion/exclusion criteria and fulfill requirements for incomplete participants
  • Maintain updated medication list in database
  • Fulfill ID system requirements, assign and link IDs as needed
  • Maintain data entry problem logs and document solutions
  • Write data entry entry protocols and data entry rules
  • Maintain multiple logs and inventories: data received, ID linkage, decreases status, multiple visit logs

Data Extraction

  • Fulfill data analysis requests; track requests, changes to requests, and outgoing data sets
  • Answer simple investigator inquiries
  • Provide numbers for progress reports or for basic inquiries
  • Ensure proper permissions: confidentiality agreement, up-to-date CITI, approval of appropriate investigators
  • Update confidentiality agreement, data request forms, and data use guide as necessary
  • Provide confidential data sets for medical chart abstractions and for newsletters or holiday cards
  • Provide field revisit spreadsheets, includes contact info and data for each participant

Core Personnel

Data Access Forms

Fax Number:

  • 907-474-5700

Nutrition and Physical Activity

CANHR’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Core supports interdisciplinary research requiring dietary and/or physical activity assessment and intervention, and provides nutritional sciences expertise to CANHR investigators. The NPA Core supports all aspects of dietary and physical activity assessment, including selecting and/or modifying appropriate assessment methods, developing quality control procedures, and guiding the analysis and interpretation of the resulting data.

We have trained a cadre of investigators, staff, and students to collect and process diet intake data. The NPA Core furthers CANHR’s research focus on obesity and related metabolic diseases, which constitute a significant and growing cause of morbidity and mortality among Alaska Native people.

Core Personnel

Fax Number:

  • 907-474-5700
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