International Arctic School Hosts CAPS Graduate Assistant

January 11, 2020

Maureen Biermann

Liz Bowman, center, with project group at the International Arctic School in China.
Bowman, center, with her project team at the International Arctic School.

Liz Bowman, Graduate Assistant at the Center for Arctic Policy Studies, is currently in China attending a week-long UArctic International Winter School hosted by the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). The program hosts 100 students from 25 different countries, of which only 28 students are from the Arctic region. Liz has been selected as the international student representative and in this role delivered a welcome speech during the opening ceremony of the program.

The classroom component includes a series of lectures on the Arctic environment from regional experts. As a complement to the discussions, there are several speakers from HIT highlighting their scientific work in the Arctic. Many of  the Winter School speakers share an expertise on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and have contributed research to the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) working group.

The Harbin Snow and Ice Festival
The Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

As a requirement of the program, the students produced collaborative presentations on topics related to the Arctic and climate change, and Bowman's group project was awarded best presentation. The cultural component of the program has allowed students to travel together on field trips, including a visit to the famous Harbin Snow and Ice Festival.

Bowman reports that the program has so far been a rewarding experience bringing together international and Chinese students with an interest in the Arctic and environmental issues. As Bowman’s own research and expertise focuses on China’s changing role in the Arctic, the International Winter School has presented her with a unique opportunity to forge new relationships and gain a deeper perspective on her research topic. Bowman currently has a report on China in the Arctic in preparation for publication by CAPS later this month.