Funding reports

Thanks to the Department of Education, these are the types of things these funds were used for:

  • Providing additional emergency financial aid grants to students.
  • Providing reimbursements for tuition, housing, room and board, or other fee refunds.
  • Subsidizing off-campus housing costs due to dormitory closures or decisions to limit housing to one student per room; subsidizing housing costs to reduce housing density; paying for hotels or other off-campus housing for students who need to be isolated; paying travel expenses for students who need to leave campus early due to coronavirus infections or campus interruptions.
  • Replacing lost revenue due to reduced enrollment.
  • Replacing lost revenue from non-tuition sources (i.e., cancelled ancillary events; disruption of food service, dorms, childcare or other facilities; cancellation of use of campus venues by other organizations, lost parking revenue, etc.).

Our initial report reflected how all funds had been allotted to various departments within the institution and plans of how the funds would be distributed. We are now waiting for these expenditures to post to our financial system and need to report on what has posted within our system. This revision is reflective of our financial system from 06/01/2020 through 12/31/2020.