Dr. Lily Dong

Dr. Lily Dong

Lily Dong

Professor, Business Administration Program
208B Bunnell Building
(907) 474-1993


Research and Scholarly Interests

International Brand Management

Global Marketing

Consumer Culture in Global Markets



Ph.D., 2005, Marketing, University of Kentucky


Recent Publications

Dong, L., & Yu, C. (2020). Globalization or localization: Global brand perception in emerging markets. International Business Review, 13(10), 53-65.

Yu, C., & Dong, L. (2019). Segmentation of young adult consumers in China: A global- local-cultural identity perspective. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 11(1), 30-39.

Yu, C., & Dong, C. (2017). How perceived brand globalness drives value in emerging markets: An examination from China. International Journal of Business and Management, 12(11), 111-119.

Niu, Y., Dong, C., Niu, Y., & Deng, F. (2017). Resident-defined measurement scale for a city’s products. Landscape and Urban Planning, 167, 177-188.

Wang, Y., & Dong, C. (2016). The direct and reposting effects of advertorial on sales. Frontiers of Business Research in China, 10(3), 456-469.

Dong, C., & Tian, K. (2016). The use of western brands in asserting Chinese national identity. In Yonggui Wang (Ed.), Marketing in China (Vol. 4). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication.



Ping Pong, Blogging, Baking


Courses Taught

BA 241, BA 436, BA 460, BA 490