360º View

360° View

The 2021-22 CBSM 360º View is a snapshot of the College of Business and Security Management from the perspective of students, faculty, donors, alumni, volunteers and the CBSM Advisory Council Chair.


The College of Business and Security Management has several advisory councils that are tasked with a crucial assignment: work with CBSM leadership to advance its mission, engage the campus with our community, and support CBSM’s commitment to academic excellence, access and diversity. The councils meet at least once each semester, receiving and analyzing updates on projects and activities, addressing the college’s strategic plan priorities and advising Dean Herrmann and the CBSM leadership team.


Sense of Community

CBSM provides a powerful sense of community for students, faculty and alumni. The wide variety of events, clubs and opportunities make it easy for anyone to get involved. Through these immersive experiences, students are able to connect, not only with their classmates, but with leaders to find support and mentorship. There is a feeling of connectedness that comes from this high level of community involvement, even for our online students.

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Quality Programs

Whether in the classroom or online, programs offered at CBSM are of the highest quality. CBSM is the only business school in the state with both business accreditation and specialized accounting accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, a highly sought after dual accreditation that has only been attained by approximately 1.5% of AACSB universities worldwide. Several classes are Quality Matters certified, meaning they are well designed, engaging online courses that have been reviewed and meet national standards. CBSM classes prepare students for the workforce through projects like developing actual business plans and through clear links between classroom concepts and their real-world applications.

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Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Receiving a CBSM education is about more than learning in a classroom or out of a textbook. Numerous opportunities are available for experiential learning. This happens through offerings such as the Professionally Polished program and student organization involvement. These unique experiences teach students skills such as time management, prioritization, teamwork, and marketing. Networking opportunities are abundant to match our students with potential employers. Guest speakers from around the nation provide a boost to topics covered in classes. CBSM students often say these opportunities have a huge impact on their overall educational experience - as well as their career path after graduation.

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Arctic Innovation Competition


The Arctic Innovation Competition rewards creativity and entrepreneurship. Alaska’s original idea contest, now having completed its 13th year, invites innovators of any age to propose new, feasible and potentially profitable ideas for solving real-life problems and challenges. Youth and adults presented their novel ideas and competed for over $40,000 in awards and prizes.


Keeping it fresh for AIC 2022, the Classroom of the Future award was established to incentivize K-12 teachers to teach creative and analytical thinking. Additionally, the Sustainability Kicker prize was revived, and a new Climate Adaptation Kicker prize was added to the Main Division prize line up. The spirit of innovation thrives as AIC continues to support competitors who apply great ideas to deliver solutions for our future.





Student Organizations



Many engaging CBSM Student Organizations are active on campus and in the local community.  Click the links below to learn more about these opportunities for students to get involved and expand their educational experience outside the classroom!




Associated Students of Business is a prestigious student group made up of members from other CBSM student organizations and programs and is proud to serve as the Alaska chapter of the National Millennial/GenZ Community. ASB affiliation offers tremendous potential and golden opportunities to its members through facilitation and contribution to GenZ executive conversations, national travel opportunities and networking.


ROTC is an athletic and outdoors-oriented group with a focus on leadership and character. ROTC is composed of individuals who strive to better themselves and face physically and mentally challenging situations. We aim to adapt and overcome the issues of today, tomorrow, and yesterday. As a Cadet Club, we want to teach our club members leadership skills, equip members with real-life experience to take to their future organizations, provide opportunities to volunteer in our community, and build friendships that last a lifetime.


The UAF Esports Club is your go to place for gaming on campus, both competitively and otherwise. We endeavor to promote and expand the opportunities available for gamers within UAF and the wider community. We hope to do this by using our voice to unite, inspire and challenge the ideas surrounding gaming and enlighten people to the many benefits that esports and gaming can bring. We strive to do this through the development of an open and supportive environment that is available to gamers from all walks of life.


The Great Alaskan Accounting People’s purpose is to help accounting students learn about the diverse career opportunities available for accounting graduates, acquire an understanding of the day-to-day work of a professional accountant, understand career planning and prepare for successful professional placement. Participation in GAAP develops students into professionals who are confident and qualified to accept staff accountant positions that require interaction with CEOs and other high-level management on a daily basis.


The IAEM Student Chapter at the University of Alaska Fairbanks seeks student support to help promote the vision and mission of academic and research excellence within the fields of emergency management and homeland security. Through effective and efficient communication, teamwork, and networking, we can establish employment opportunities and professional development, advocate the issues most important to our members, and expand our growth and diversity.


Native Alaskan Business Leaders is a UAF chapter of the American Indigenous Business Leaders organization. NABL supports Native Alaskan and American Indigenous students interested in business, rural economic development, and other related areas. The goal of NABL is to engage students in business activities; build business acumen, leadership skills, community involvement, and teamwork; provide an extended family support system to help students facilitate the transition from life at home to life at UAF; and create and maintain a strong networking system among the UAF NABL members and other AIBL chapters.


SHRM provides opportunities for networking and helps members learn more about human resources and the real world of business management while building relationships with local professionals and other students. The chapter invites local businesspeople to speak about current developments in the business world and how they will impact future workers. Beyond the regular meetings, SHRM organizes a variety of activities including company tours, student conferences, resume-writing and interviewing workshops, fundraisers, internship programs, and social events.