Leadership Minor

The leadership minor provides an opportunity for students to strengthen their abilities to lead and contribute effectively in both the public and private spheres, especially within the Alaskan economy. This program is interdisciplinary and leverages cross-campus training in leadership to enable students to lead from their areas of interest. Students majoring in business administration may not choose the business administration track of the leadership minor.

Minor Degree Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Minor: 15 credits

Code Title Credits
Complete 2 of the following courses : 6
HSEM/LEAD F456 Leadership in Dangerous Contexts 1  
LEAD/BA F470 Leadership Theory and Development 1  
LEAD/BA F472 Leading Change1  
Complete 9 credit hours from one of the following tracks 2 : 9
Alaska Native Community Leadership Track
ANS F310 Indigenous Land Settlements  
ANS F325 Native Self Government  
ANS/RD F401 Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders  
ANS F425 Federal Indian Law and Alaska Natives  
RD F492 Rural Development Seminar - Legislative Seminar  
Business Administration Track
BA/LEAD/SPRT F280 Sports Leadership  
BA F307 Introductory Human Resource Management  
BA F460 International Business  
Communication Track
COJO F330 Intercultural Communication  
COJO F331 Advanced Group Communication  
COJO F335 Organizational Communication  
COJO F475 Applied Communication in Training and Development  1  
Military Science Track
MILS F101 Foundations of Officership  
MILS F102 Basic Leadership  
MILS F201 Individual Leadership Studies  
MILS F202 Leadership and Teamwork  
Outdoor Leadership Track
NRM F161 Wilderness Leadership Education  
NRM F361 Advanced Wilderness Leadership Education 1  
Complete 3 credits from the following skills courses for the remaining 3 credits:
EMS F150 Wilderness Emergency Care  
RECR F140H Beginning Rock Climbing  
RECR F140K Advanced Rock Climbing  
RECR F140L Technical Climbing  
RECR F140Y Kayaking  
RECR F170G Introduction to Ski Mountaineering  
RECR F170N Introduction to Winter Camping  
Political Science Track
PS F212 Introduction to Public Administration  
PS F301 American Presidency 1  
PS/PHIL F412 Modern Political Theory 1  
PS F437 United States Foreign Policy 1  

1 These courses have prerequisites that need to be taken into consideration. Consult with the College of Business and Security Management.

2 Complete 9 credit hours from one of the “tracks” OR with the written approval of the College of Business and Security Management, any three 3-credit hour courses from any combination of tracks.