Military Science and Leadership

Military Science and Leadership (ROTC) Minor

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Program (ROTC) is America's primary program for training military officers. The Nanook Battalion is a cooperative effort agreed to by the Army and UAF as a means of providing junior officer leadership in the interest of national security. The goal of the program is to assist young men and women with leadership potential in obtaining commissions in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard.

Army instructors train students in leadership, management and decision-making through academic instruction and practical experience laboratories. These instructors impart qualities necessary for the Army officer and civilian executive.

Minor Degree Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Minor: 19 credits

Code Title Credits
MILS F301 Leadership and Problem Solving 4
MILS F302 Leadership and Ethics 4
MILS F401 Developmental Leadership 4
MILS F402 Officership 4
MILS F442 History of the American Military 3

NOTE Students must have completed or have credit for MILS F101, F102, F201, F202 and have program approval for registration in the MILS upper-division courses.

Anyone interested is encouraged to call the ROTC program at (907) 474-6852 to learn more about Army ROTC at the University of Alaska.


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