Concur Travel

The University of Alaska has implemented Concur, a user-friendly web-based travel and expense system that integrates the travel Request (travel authorization), Travel (booking air, hotel & car reservations), Expense Report reimbursement and the new UA Travel card reconciliation processes. Concur also provides cutting-edge tools for on-the-go trip management (Concur Mobile App & TripIt).

Getting Started in Concur

Concur Login:

UA username and password (SSO) credentials are used to log in.

  •  Fill out the online card application to receive the new UA Travel Card (QQ's, contact your designated travel coordinator for assistance)
  • Set up your Profile
    • Personal information (legal name for TSA requirements, contact information, verify email address, add your UA Travel Card)
    • Delegate permissions see Delegates tab
  • Set up Request and Expense Approvers 
    • Traveling on CNSM funds enter Laycie Schnekenburger as Default Approver 2 under your profile settings OR add comments for approver's to add Laycie Schnekenburger in the workflow Approve & Forward option
  •  Enable E-Receipts
    •  This allows vendors, such as the travel agency to send airfare receipts directly to your Expense Profile.
  • Connect to Mobile Apps


Contact Laycie Schnekenburger at

  • Amount you are requesting to increase
  • Business need

Why update your Concur Profile?

Your profile within the Concur Travel & Expense System stores your personal information, some of which is required by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to fly. Your Concur Profile information will be referenced when you book a trip through Concur Travel or Corporate Travel Management (CTM).

Who can update your Concur Profile?

Ultimately, you are in charge of your Concur Profile. The required information can be updated by yourself, your delegate, or your travel (booking tool) arranger.

 Note: Only the profile owner (traveler) can set up delegates. See Delegate information for steps to setup permissions.

Under Profile Settings, use the left toolbar to access Request and Expense Settings. In this area, you will be able to change/update your default funding, assign delegates and permissions, update your Default Approver 2 information, enable E-receipts and connect to the mobile apps.

When traveling on CNSM funds enter Laycie Schnekenburger  as Default Approver 2  OR  add comments for the approver to add Laycie Schnekenburger in the workflow Approve & Forward option

A delegate is an individual authorized to process Requests (Travel Authorizations), Travel (booking tool) and Expense reports, in the Concur Travel & Expense System, on behalf of another person. Delegates are setup under the Profile Settings, Request Delegates or Expense Delegates (Request and Expense share delegates).

Assign CNSM delegate permissions as follows:

  • Can Prepare - Allows delegates to prepare Requests and Expense reports on your behalf
  • Can Book Travel - Allows delegate to book travel (travel arranger) on your behalf
  • Can View Receipts - Should check by default when selecting Can Prepare. This allows the delegate to view your receipt store, e-receipts, receipts images, etc
  • Receives Emails- The delegate will be copied on all emails generated by Concur addressed to you
  • Receives Approval Emails- The delegate will be copied on all emails generated by Concur notifying you of requests and reports pending approval

Optional settings:

  • Can Submit Request -  The delegate can submit Request on your behalf (bypasses traveler submission), Expense Reports must be submitted by the traveler.

For more details assigning delegate permissions, please review the Step-by-Step Guide Request and Expense Settings

Setting up a delegate to Approve on your behalf, please see the Approver Quick Guide

Authorized Approver's Responsibility

  • Approvers must confirm that the report is accurate, sufficiently documented, and consistent with University of Alaska policies and guidelines
  • Verify expenses are charged to the proper funding and routed to fiscal manager for review.
    • CNSM funds require Laycie Schnekenburger  to review all Requests and Expense Reports
  • Ensure validity of business need for travel
  • Responsible for reviewing 'exception flags' and comments in the travel and expense management system (i.e. -  high dollar amount, missing fields, policy violations such as business need for larger vehicles, etc...)

How will I know when I need to approve a Request or Expense Report?

Approvers  will receive an email with a Concur login link when it is time to approve a Request or Expense report. Users will need to log into Concur to approve the Request/Expense report.

There are multiple ways to access pending approvals:

On the Concur dashboard, click Required Approvals
At the top of the Concur page, click Approvals
Under My Tasks, click Required Approvals

Reviewing a Request/Expense Report

  • Review Header
    • Report name, business purpose, personal days, default funding and comments
  • Segments tab
    • Review itinerary routing to ensure the most direct route for business need (i.e. - no excessive stopovers)
  • Expense Summary Review
    • Expense types and allocations (split funding)
    • Exception warnings
  • Approval Flow Review
  • Has this Request/Expense Report been reviewed by Laycie Schnekenburger ?
    • No - select the blue plus icon to "add a step before this step" icon,  enter Laycie Schnekenburger
    • Yes - Approve the document

If an approver does not take action within 4 calendar days for Request approvals, an email reminder will be sent to the approver every 2 days. Expense approval notifications are sent after 2 days and will generate a reminder every 2 days until approved.

For step by step instructions please review the Approver Quick Guide.

 Request Approval Workflow

Once a Request is submitted by a user/delegate, the Request will be routed for approval based on the funding:

  • Supervisor (unrestricted funds and international trips) 
  • Cost Object Approver/PI (restricted funds) 
    • If the traveler is listed as the researcher on the restricted funding, the Request will be routed to their supervisor for approval

Note: If multiple funding is used each fund listed will drive a workflow step (i.e. -  Restricted fund split with an unrestricted fund will route to the traveler's supervisor and the researcher listed on restricted funding)

Expense Report Approval Workflow

Once an Expense Report is submitted the following information determines the workflow:

  • If the funding source stays the same from the approved Request and is within 10% and under $200, the Expense Report is routed for payment.
  • If the funding source changes, workflow will follow the Request approval process based on funding. 
    • Note: Changes in funding must be updated in the Report Header to trigger the updated workflow steps 
  • If the expenditures are over 10% and exceeds $200 , workflow will follow the Request approval process based on funding.



Methods Available For Managing Receipts:

  • Use ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app to take a picture and export to your Concur profile. (Guide on managing receipts with ExpenseIt)
  • Activate E-Receipts to automatically get receipts in your profile from most hotel and car rental vendors, and for airfare when the flight was booked in Concur or with CTM.
  • Email receipts from your verified email to your Concur profile,
  • Scan receipts to your computer and attach them individually to transactions in a report

If you use multiple methods for the same receipt, this will result in duplicated receipts in your profile.


Questions & Answers

 The following must be completed:
  • The Travel Arranger or Delegate must verify the email address in his/her own profile.
  • The traveler must verify the email address in his/her own profile.
  • The Travel Arranger or  Delegate should be in the traveler’s list of Arrangers or Delegates, respectively.

Once these steps are complete:

  • The Arranger can send the trip email to, and include the traveler’s verified email address in the Subject line of the email.
  • The Delegate can send the receipt email to, and include the traveler’s verified email address in the Subject line of the email.
  • The Delegate can send the receipt email to, and include the traveler’s verified email address in the Subject line of the email.
    This will ensure that the trip or receipt is associated to the correct user.

If you receive an unknown airfare or lodging expense from the Lodge Card (card housed with CTM) in your available receipts, please take a snapshot of the charge (hover over the orange icon details) and email it to

This is an error from the imported data. The travel office will correct and assign the charge to the correct traveler's profile.

If you receive an unknown charge on your UA Travel Card, report the fraudulent charge to JP Morgan. You will need to assign the charge and the credit (JP Morgan will credit your card) to an expense report, select the expense type "Dispute/Fraud." When the expense report is submitted and approved, the fraudulent activity will be cleared from your Concur account and post to Banner.


Per diem consist of two parts, meals and incidental expenses and lodging. Meals and incidental (M&IE) allowance for travel is a daily rate allocated to cover the cost of meals and incidental (M&IE) expenses. Lodging rate is reimbursement of actual costs.  Lodging in excess of 1.5 times the federal lodging allowance  rate requires a business substantiation. 

The per diem rate is  set by the federal government in the locality in which the traveler spends the night. If the location is not listed on the federal list, the traveler must use the "other" rate.

How M&IE is applied:

  1.  For same‐day travel greater than 12 hours, the per‐diem rate for the destination location shall  be used.  An M&IE allowance will not be paid  when travel status is less than 12 hours.
  2. The M&IE allowance is 75% of the meals rate for the first day based on government listed rate  for the city where traveler lodges,  and 75% of  meals rate for the last day, based on the  government listed rate for the last city traveler lodged. 
  3. When a trip includes more than one university business stop and the cities involved have different per diem rates,  the per diem  rate for  each  calendar day (beginning at 12:01 a.m.) is  determined by the location where the lodgings are obtained for that night. 

*Incidental expenses include fees, gratuities and tips for services of cleaning staff, wait staff,  baggage handlers, baggage carts, etc

 Finding Per Diem Rates:

 U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Per Diem Rates 

The Alaska meals and incidentals rate shall be $70.00 for Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and their surrounding communities within a 50 mile radius. This rate is set by the UA President.

Meals and Incidental Deductions

M&IE  are separate amounts for breakfast ($16), lunch ($17), dinner($32) and incidentals ($5). The specific Alaska locations (Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau) the President has set the M&IE deduction breakdown.  All other locations will follow the Federal guidance (GSA M&IE breakdown).  The M&IE deduction breakdown will be calculated automatically by the  travel system.

Meals Provided at No Cost

It is the traveler’s responsibility to accurately report when a meal is provided (e.g., hotel breakfast, conference lunch) if the food/timing  is sufficient to serve as a meal.  The signature of the traveler certifies the facts on the expense report and is sufficient to process the claim for payment.

Please see UA Travel website for additional information on meals

If you are a student or a guest traveler and you are traveling for the first time please fill out the Guest/Student Travel Form.

Things to remember about the Guest/Student Travel Form:

  • Use your full legal name as it appears on your driver's licenses or passport
  • If you already have a University ID (UA number e.x. 31234567) enter this under Traveler's UA ID on form

Once your profile has been created in our travel system, you will receive an email link for your Concur profile and your travel coordinator
will contact you regarding your trip. If you have any questions please contact your coordinator, CNSM/SOE/BLaST contacts are listed below.


  • Start in Request and after approval/s you will be directed to use the Book link. This link will take you to Travel (online booking tool) to make your airfare, lodging and car reservations (information filled in the Segments tab on the Request)
  • Start in Travel (online booking tool) make your reservations for airfare, lodging and car.  This will create a new Request with pre-filled Segment information

If you start in Travel beaware of the To be approved before (ticket time limit) that is indicated in red on the top right corner under the Submit button.


Approvers if you missed the ticket time limit deadline, the itinerary will auto cancel in the system. The only option for the Approver is to add a comment (e.x. ticket time limit has expired, Close/Inactivate the Request) and Send Back Request.

The traveler/delegate has the two options:

  • Copy the Request and wait for approvals before using the Travel (online booking tool)
    • Copying the Request will copy the To be approved before message from original Request. This could cause confusion for approvers.
  • Start over in Travel and work to get approvals, for the the new itinerary held before the ticket time limit

Call Corporate Travel Management (CTM)  to change your flight

          General phone #: 907-786-0107

          Toll Free #: 833-500-4292 (24 hour service)

If your trip is canceled, use the Travel (booking tool) to cancel your itinerary. In Travel select Trip Library, under Action, Cancel Trip.  It is recommended to call CTM if you need to cancel your flight within 2 hours of your departure time to insure the cancellation request was processed. Many airlines now require prior cancellation to departure time or your ticket value is fortified.

1. Verify your email in your profile

2. Email itinerary to

Your submitted itinerary will appear in Concur under My Trips, in the Concur mobile app under Trips, TripIt Pro mobile app and in Available Expenses.

Booking your travel through Concur or by calling Corporate Travel Management and activating e-receipts will ensure that your itinerary is automatically added to Concur and TripIt Pro without your intervention.



Troubleshooting Guides


If your hotel itemization is not working, try forwarding receipts to

This will send a digitalized receipt to your available expense list, create an expense line item, categorized, and itemize.

Review guide for managing receipts with ExpenseIt

Your expense report reconciliation may contain both UA Travel Card expenses (paid directly with University funds) and out-of-pocket expenses (paid with your personal funds). 

The amounts displayed at the bottom of your expense report reflects the total for all expenses added to your expense report.

  • Total amount: All expenses (includes personal expenses)
  • Total requested: All expenses to be paid by the university (UA card payments and traveler payments)

To view the amount of your reimbursement, click on the Details hyperlink and then select Totals

Review guide for finding your expected reimbursement

Before closing your travel request, please confirm that you meet the following requirements.

  • All of your travel-related expenses have been accounted for on your expense report
  • There are no other expenses that need to be claimed or reconciled in Concur
  • The final Expense Report has been submitted and sent for payment

If your trip was wholly paid by a 3rd party or canceled and not pending any expenses (i.e. registration), an expense report is not needed, please close/inactivate the request.

Closing a Travel Request (Close/Inactivate Request guide)

  1. Click on the Travel Request that needs to be closed
  2. In the upper right-hand corner click on Close/Inactivate Request button
  3. You will see a confirmation window asking you to confirm if you want to close it, select OK
    Note: If you accidentally Close/Inactivate out the wrong request, please contact your Travel Coordinator.

Close/Inactivate the Request reduces any remaining balance to zero, and removes the Request from the active list and stops sending email reminders. This action also removes the request from the open commitment activity for budget snapshots. 

Review guide for Close/Inactivate & Cancel Request options.


If you have credit card charges/refunds for lodging that are dated outside of your Travel Allowance (travel itinerary dates), you will
need to itemize those expenses.

1. Select the lodging expense
2. Select Nightly Lodging Expense tab
3. Update the dates that traveler actually stayed (should match your itinerary dates
4. Enter Room Rate and Room Tax information

Note: If this is a refund the Room Rate is a required field, enter 0.00 and make sure to enter the Room Tax as a NEGATIVE amount.

If the vendor sends an e-receipt and the revised receipt and does not match the refund amount you will need to take a snapshot of
the receipt image. Upload the snapshot to your available receipts and attach this to the refund charge. You can then delete a copy
of the e-receipt.

Review guide for exception flag Lodging Refund on UA Travel Card

See Email Reminder Guide for more information on how to clear Email Notifications.

See Exceptions that trigger in Concur for information on why they trigger, and how to clear them.



 Need help with Concur?  Please contact your representative listed below.

 Craig Baldwin Jodie Baxter Deanna Fitzgerald
 K-12 Outreach and SOE Travel Coordinator BLaST Travel and Purchasing Technician CDR Purchasing & Travel Coordinator
 (907) 450-8404  (907) 474-2449 (907) 474-5191


More information on Concur Travel & Expense can be found on the UA Travel website