Software gift continues to provide petroleum students with real life workplace tools

A continuing partnership between the University of Alaska petroleum engineering department and Edinburgh-based Petroleum Experts is providing students with access to software programs that are used in the workplace.

The ongoing donation from Petroleum Experts includes 10 copies of a suite of eight programs, along with the network license required to run the programs at UAF. The donation, which was originally made in 2012, is worth more than $4.7 million today.

The software allows the oil and gas industry to model oil reservoirs, wells and pipeline networks in an integrated way. This practice is known as “integrated production modeling,” or IPM, within the oil and gas industry. Oil companies use models to make production forecasts for existing oilfields and in the development of new fields. Petroleum Experts is a petroleum engineering company with offices in Houston and Scotland. The company developed the IPM software to improve the efficiency of oil and gas fields. The software is used by more than 350 oil and gas companies.

Recently, the geology modeling suite MOVE was added to the software offering. The MOVE suite is a complete structural modelling and analysis toolkit. It provides a full digital environment for best practice structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models.

The MOVE suite provides a platform for integrating and interpreting data, cross-section construction, 3D model building, kinematic restoration and validation, geomechanical modelling, fracture modelling, fault response modelling, and fault & stress analysis. 

MOVE will be used by both Petroleum Engineering and the Department of Geosciences at UAF.

For more information, visit, or contact Abhijit Dandekar, UAF petroleum engineering department chair, at 907-474-6427 or