CREES Review

The USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CREES) team has provided their 2007 review of the UAF Cooperative Extension Service, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and UAF's pursuit of the land grant mission. The team's observations and recommendations are provided for your perusal. Thank you for your support.

CSREES Review Materials


II. Organization

  1. Campus locations
  2. Organization Charts
    1. University of Alaska
    2. University of Alaska Fairbanks
    3. Cooperative Extension Service

III. Unit Plans

  1. Strategic Plans
    1. CES Plan and Objectives
  2. Plan of Work
    1. POW CSREES Reply Letter and Summary
    2. 2007 UA Combined Research and Extension POW
    3. 2008 UA Combined Research and Extension POW
  3. UAF Planning Documents
    1. Compact Plan 2006-2007 for CES
    2. Compact Plan 2006-2007 for SNRAS/AFES
    3. Annual Unit Plan 2007-2008 for CES
    4. Annual Unit Plan 2007-2008 for SNRAS/AFES
    5. Enrollment Management Plan 2007-2008 for SNRAS/AFES
  4. Other Review Materials
    1. SNRAS/AFES Forest Sciences SAF Accreditation and Report
    2. Alaska 4-H Program Review and Retreat Notes
    3. FY06 Alaska CES Annual Report
    4. CES Communications' Draft FY07 POW
    5. Chancellor's Charge to the CES Vision Task Force
    6. CES Vision Task Force Report
    7. Statements from former CES Directors

IV. Advisory Groups

  1. CES Advisory Council By-laws
  2. CES Advisory Council Materials
    1. SAC Letter to Review Team
    2. SAC Duties and Backgrounds
    3. SAC Member Roster
  3. SNRAS/AFES Board of Advisors By-laws (current)
  4. SNRAS/AFES Board of Advisors By-laws (proposed)

V. Instructional Programs SNRAS/AFES

  1. UAF Catalog Materials for Natural Resources Management (NRM) and Geography (GEOG)
    1. NRM BS Degree
    2. NRM MS Degree
    3. NRM Course Descriptions
    4. GEOG Degree Requirements
    5. GEOG Course Descriptions
  2. Career Opportunities in NRM and GEOG
  3. Undergraduate Research Opportunities in NRM
  4. Proposed Geography Degree Programs

(Please note that the above were the catalog descriptions at the time of the review and may not reflect the current UAF catalog.)

Additional Materials:

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