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Foods are only area of expertise of Health, Home and Family Development faculty. You will see the names at right mentioned again on the Healthy Living and Families page.


Please use the menu at left to navigate through the many sets of food-related publications we have.

Topics include food safety, general canning methods, preserving meats and fish, preserving fruits and vegetables, a special set of flash modules on Preserving Alaska's Bounty and a resource page on morel mushrooms.

breakfast toast and jam


Leslie Shallcross, Fairbanks

Phone: 907-474-2426
Leif Albertson, Bethel
Phone: 907-543-4553
Bret Luick, Fairbanks
Food Cost Survey
Phone: 907-474-6338
Adrian Kohrt, Fairbanks
Family Nutrition Program
Phone: 907-474-7930
Linda Tannehill, Kenai
Phone: 907-262-5824
Kari van Delden, Nome
Phone: 907-443-2320
Julie Cascio, Palmer
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