Alaska Association for Family and Community Education (FCE)


Who are we?

Our mission is strengthening individuals, families, and communities through continuing education, developing leadership and community action. As you can see from our logo, we are centered on the concepts of caring, sharing, and learning. These concepts are strongly reflected in our bylaws. You can read more about what we do in the community by browsing our list of available projects. We have leaders in several locations across the state, so feel free to contact us for more information. You can also keep up with us by reading the electronic version of our newsletter.

What is our history?

Alaska FCE clubs were organized in the 1930s under the direction of Dr. Lydia Fohn-Hansen. Lydia had come to Fairbanks in 1925 to head the Home Economics Department at the three-year old Agricultural College & School on Mines. On July 1, 1930, she became the first Associate Director of Home Economics for the newly established Alaska Cooperative Extension Service.

Mrs. Fohn-Hansen traveled to many areas of the state, starting homemakers and 4-H clubs teaching survival and pioneering skills. With the leadership and hard work of Mrs. Fohn-Hansen, and other dedicated CES Home Agents, Extension Homemakers clubs sprang up throughout Alaska. Please browse through our other pages to learn more about our heritage and affiliations.

What is our creed?

I believe that as homemakers, we are largely responsible for the future of Alaska;

-That we can serve our country better by maintaining good homes and good health for our families;

-Through the Extension Service, its leaders, and our Homemakers clubs, we learn ways to utilize our time and to minimize our labor;

-That the ultimate success of our worthy ambitions depends upon how much we strive to increase our knowledge and persist in our efforts toward a better way of life;

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