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All of our recipes are also available on the Alaska Farm-to-School Resources page.

The UAF Cooperative Extension Service works with the Alaska Farm-to-School Program to develop recipes using Alaska grown foods and also to carry out feasibility studies to determine the cost of using Alaska grown products in-place of imported foods from the lower 48. In 2013 we have been fortunate to create a partnership with the UAF Culinary School to have an intern, Danielle Flaherty, working with us to develop these recipes. Danielle has far exceeded our expectations in her cooking skills so we hope you will try out some of the recipes she has created.

The FTS program in Alaska includes any activity that connects students, teachers, and the school food service with product grown and produced in Alaska. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Providing information for school garden development
  • Promoting Alaska Agriculture in the Classroom curriculum/education
  • Promoting farm visits
  • Increasing Alaska grown food sales to the school meal program
  • Participation in programs that educate youth about the food system
  • State-wide contests promoting farm to school activities
  • Local lunch celebrations
  • Resource / marketing development
  • Supporting existing farm / fish to school efforts
  • Facilitating discussion between school food service and food producers
Services: We can assist school food service professionals in Alaska to develop and scale recipes that utilize Alaska foods to meet federal nutrition standards and increase consumption of Alaska foods.
Nutritional Alaska Foods in Schools: The Nutritional Alaskan Foods in Schools is a pilot program meant to encourage every Alaskan school district to purchase nutritious Alaska Grown produce, seafood, or aquatic protein.

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