Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries

Research professional Mark Evans, </br>prepares a satellite-tagged Dolly Varden</br> for release on the Wulik River, AK.

The University of Alaska is the only university in North America to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries, which is designed to provide broad background knowledge for students interested in fisheries business, administration, policy and development.  Flexibility in course selection allows students to plan their program while considering their specific interests, goals, and future plans.

The two comprehensive programs are available to students:

While pursuing a BA in Fisheries, students will:

Completion of a BA in Fisheries prepares students for:

  • Social science, business administration, policy analysis and community development careers at local, state, federal, tribal, non-governmental organizations and private sector businesses in Alaska and throughout North America
  • Freshwater and marine fisheries research, conservation and management careers at local, state, federal, tribal, and non-governmental organizations
  • Graduate studies in a variety of programs, such as Fisheries, Anthropology, Sociology, Business Administration, Environmental Policy, Economics and Community and Rural Development

For questions, please contact Undergraduate Program Chair Trent Sutton at 907-474-7285 or

To apply, please go here:

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