Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

A Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Ocean Sciences provides a rigorous scientific program of study for students interested in the fields of fish and fisheries biology and ecology, marine biology and oceanography. The major is designed to provide broad background knowledge about quantification and physical, biological and ecosystem sciences. Flexibility in course selection allows students to plan their program while considering their specific interests, goals, and future plans.

While pursuing a B.S. in Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, students will:

  • Choose between two concentrations:
    • Fisheries Science
    • Ocean Sciences (classes in Marine Biology and Oceanography)

Completion of a B.S. in Fisheries and Ocean Sciences prepares students for:

  • Freshwater and marine research, conservation and management careers at local, state, federal, tribal and nongovernmental organizations in Alaska and throughout North America
  • Private sector employment, including environmental consultants, fishing and aquaculture companies, and seafood processors
  • Graduate studies in a variety of programs, such as Fisheries, Marine Biology and Oceanography

For questions, please contact CFOS Academic Programs Office at 907-474-5840.

To apply, please see UAF Admissions.

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