A degree in fisheries prepares you for a broad range of career paths. These include opportunities in the fishing industry, natural resource management agencies, environmental consultancy, teaching and research.  Listed below are some examples of jobs that fisheries graduates pursue after graduation:

  • Fisheries technician, biologist, or manager with local, state and federal agencies
  • Biologist or manager for environmental consulting firms and non-governmental organization (NGOs)
  • Hatchery or Aquaculture Operations/Manager
  • Technician or manager in seafood processing and marketing operations
  • Commercial fisherman
  • Guide, private business owner in recreational fishing industry
  • Community leader and political advocate
  • Teacher/Educator
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Professional societies

Membership and participation in professional societies are valuable components of career development. Among other activities, these societies organize regional and national conferences where students and professionals at different career stages can meet, exchange ideas, and discuss job opportunities.