Classrooms and Conference Rooms

The College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences manages our own rooms in Fairbanks and Juneau, and in conjunction with the Seward Marine Center and The Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center.  

If you would like to reserve a room, first, please check the calendars, then contact Academic Programs or Gabrielle Hazelton to begin the request process.  



Seward videoconference are provided by a cart that is moved between the two rooms depending on the number of people attending.

Rae Building Auditorium | 100 people

Rae Building Library | 6 people

Rae Building Reception | 30 people


101 Lena Point | 50 people | videoconference smart classroom

103 Lena Point | 12 people | videoconference smart classroom
by Todd Paris

205 Lena Point | 6 people | conference room

212 Lena Point | 12 people | videoconference smart classroom

301 Lena Point | 12 people | videoconference room



219 Owen Building | 30 people | videoconference classroom

225 Owen Building | 6 people | videoconference classroom

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