Special Notice

Robbie Hamilton, CFOS Procurement Technician, will be out of the office and unavailable via email beginning June 19, 2018. The information below provides directions for all CFOS personnel in regards to procurement (procurement requisitions and ProCards) and specialized shipping.

Effective Monday, June 18, 2018

New Purchasing Email Address

Email with the details of your purchasing request. Robbie Hamilton will not be checking her email and your request will not be processed if you email her directly. The CFOS group email is monitored by more than one CFOS Dean’s Office employee and we will do our best to ensure adequate coverage. Please remember to include all pertinent backup with your request (website links, quotes, fund/org, date needed, shipping destination, etc.).


If you​ currently ​enter requisitions in Banner this process will not change. However, instead of requisitions between $5K–$25K​ being assigned to Robbie, a UAF Procurement Officer will be assigned instead. Please continue to forward all your requisitions to UAF Procurement first. Please note: this will result in delays as UAF Procurement will be acquiring Robbie’s additional procurement duties. Please plan your purchasing accordingly. We do understand that emergencies arise and we will do our best to assist with those during Robbie’s absence.


Wendy Huesties will be Robbie’s ProCard reconciler for the immediate future. If Robbie currently reconciles your ProCard, please send ALL receipts to Please be as detailed as possible in your emails to include fund/org and final invoice with shipping included. Credit cards are reconciled every Tuesday of the week by 12:00 pm, so please make sure to send receipts with backup before that day so we have them on hand to reconcile. For custodial card checkout, please see either the Front Desk in O’Neill 245, Wendy Huesties in O’Neill 248, or Heather McLeod in O'Neill 256 (outside of the Dean’s office).

For Academic purchasing, please send your requests directly to Christina Sutton, CFOS Academic Program Manager,

Specialized Shipping

Kelly Walker, CFOS Facilities Coordinator, will assist with shipping during Robbie’s absence. Kelly is located in O’Neill 215 and can be reached at 474-6312 or When using FedEx, please enter your org/fund on the packing list so we know where to reconcile the shipping charges to.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Wendy Huesties or Jennifer Harris.


Main UAF Procurement and Contract Services

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IMS Procurement
Roberta Hamilton (temporarily unavailable; see note above)
UAF Fairbanks Campus
245 O'Neill Bldg.
Fisheries Procurement
Gabrielle Hazelton
UAF Juneau Campus
201 Lena Point
MAP Procurement
Jared Jeffery
UAA Anchorage Campus
SMC Procurement
Jennifer Elhard
UAF Seward Campus


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