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Welcome to Our Shared Travel Service Office, IMS and GPMSL Travel will be processed through our new office starting Monday, September 21, 2015. The goal is to provide you with an excellent customer service experience & fulfill your travel needs while ensuring UA travel regulations are met.  

Below is an FAQ we've developed from common questions and concerns we've received over the past few weeks.  In addition, the FAQ outlines the process for travel that occurred before September 21.

Our first step in supporting our IMS and GPMSL travelers is to first learn about you and your travel needs.  Please complete the Google form at the following link with your travel preferences.

We will use this information for all future trip requests.  If your information changes, please contact one of the Travel Customer Service Representatives listed below and they will update your information. 

When you are ready to set up your next trip you may request travel via several options:

  1.  Complete the Google form at the following link: 
  2.  Complete the attached paper form and email to Shared Travel Services at
  3.  Complete the attached paper form and fax to 907-474-7439.
  4.  Call one of the Travel Customer Service Representatives listed below.

Please submit your request at least two weeks prior to your requested travel date.  The Travel Customer Service Representatives will work with you on arranging your travel and will fill out and send you the completed travel authorization (TA) for you to review and approve.  Reply with approval or corrections so that we may route the TA for processing and signatures via DocuSign.  When a signed TA is in place, the Travel Customer Service Representatives can purchase airline tickets, hotels/accommodations and car rentals for you, as well. 

Once your travel is complete, scan and email your receipts to the Shared Travel Services and we will complete the Travel Expense Report for you.  We will send you the completed expense report (TER) for you to review and approve.  Reply with approval or corrections so we may route it for processing and signatures via DocuSign.  Please include your trip’s TA number in the subject line.

Feel free to contact our Travel Customer Service Representatives (pictures included) if you have further questions or travel needs. 

Travel Customer Service Representatives:
Rachel Jeppsen (Travel Authorizations) (907) 474-7305 or

Adam Dewey (Expense Reports) (907) 474-2734 or

Katie Ridenour (Travel Procurement) (907) 474-7001 or

I need to travel immediately. What do I do?

The travel office is equipped and staffed to handle last minute travel for SNRE, GI and IMS.  The traveler should use the same process as regular travel by completing the Trip Request Form.  This is a Google Doc that can be completed at any time through any internet connection.  If an internet connection is not available, please contact Rachel Jeppsen directly at 907-474-7305.  Rachel will gather the required information and process the travel request.  If the information is not received until the day of or after the first day of travel, we will complete the TA and the TER after the traveler returns.  This may lengthen the time to receive a reimbursement because the authorization process needs to be approved before the expense report can be completed as required by UA regulations.  

We have often found that travelers responding to these situations must leave immediately and may not have time to wait for the travel office to purchase airline tickets or make lodging reservations.  Travelers still have the option of making their own travel purchases which will be reimbursed as part of the Travel Expense Report process.

NOTE: University regulation states that if an approved and encumbered Travel Authorization (TA) is not in place before travel begins it is considered "unauthorized".  While there are legitimate reasons why travel would occur without an approved TA in place, please be aware that in communications from our office, the travel may be indicated as "unauthorized travel".  This is the regulation definition and does not mean that the trip is unallowable on the grant, unnecessary or undesirable for a person to have traveled.

I have very unique travel. How is the office going to handle this? Can I talk to someone about this?

The travel office is equipped and staffed to respond to complex travel arrangements.  The traveler should use the same process as regular travel by completing the Trip Request Form.  There is space in the form to indicate if the trip is for multiple cities, group travel, or contains personal days which all add a level of complexity.  There is also a place to put any particular notes to explain your unique travel.  The traveler may always make a request for a particular itinerary.  This can be done by making a note in the Trip Request Form, sending a sample itinerary to our Shared Travel Services email ( or calling one of our Travel Coordinators directly.  They will do their best to meet the traveler's itinerary request and will call or email if they have any questions about the traveler's particular situation.

We welcome our travelers to visit us at our office suite in Arctic Health, Room 110 at any time and to stop by if you are visiting from an off-campus location.   

How long will it take the Shared Services Travel Office to submit my final expense report to the UAF Travel Office for processing and payment?

Our office will submit the final expense report to UAF within 10 business days from receiving all receipts and back-up from the traveler.

How do I reduce out-of-pocket travel costs and avoid expenses on my personal credit/debit card?

Our Travel Customer Service Representatives are authorized to purchase airline tickets, bus and train tickets, hotel and motel reservations, and car rentals.  We highly encourage travelers to allow our staff to purchase these travel expenses on our university ProCards to limit the out-of-pocket expense to the traveler.

Please note that individual ProCard holders are not authorized to purchase travel on university ProCards at this time.

I have outstanding travel expense reports. Who is working on these? When can I expect to be reimbursed

The Shared Service Travel Office will not be processing travel that was initiated outside our system, before September 21, 2015. 

The IMS and GPMSL backlog is being processed by Jennifer Harris, SFOS Executive Officer, Serena Likar, GI Fiscal Technician and Karl Wuoti, Fisheries Division Fiscal Technician.  We are diligently working through the outstanding travel and are communicating directly with travelers and approvers. 

I have a student travel award. What are my next steps?

Please present your award letter or documentation to Christina Neumann, Academic Manager, 213 O'Neill Building, 907-474-5840, or  Christina will ensure you have the correct accounting information for your award and then route you to the Shared Travel Service Office. 

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