Hazardous Chemicals


  • Chemical inventory is used to keep track of chemicals that you and your faculty supervisor purchase, use, store or ship.
  • The link to update your supervisor’s inventory is found at EHRSM's website.
  • When chemicals are purchased through UAF, the initial inventory is normally done by the Facilities Coordinator.
  • Updating the faculty specific chemical inventory is the responsibility of the faculty member or an assigned individual working in the lab.


  • ALL chemicals must be segregated based on compatibility in order to prevent dangerous chemical reactions that result in serious harm to users.
  • Follow the NFPA rating found on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or view the informaton and templates provided by EHSRM's website


  • When handling hazardous chemicals, it is incumbent upon you to read the handling protocols for your chemicals. You can go to the SDS provided by the Distributor/Manufacturer. You can also find information on EHSRM's website regarding chemicals


  • All used or surplus chemicals have a specific method for disposal. Refer to the SDS for information or contact Richard Deck at 907-474-5617 redeck@alaska.edu. If you are disposing of a hazardous chemical, request pick up here (see right sidebar): EHSRM's website