Arctic ice-ocean modeling

Project Description

We have been modeling the high latitude coupled sea-ice and ocean system for over twenty years, making improvements and gaining new insights about Alaska region oceanography with each and every iteration. These model integrations are used to assist oil spill risk analyses, oil spill response planning efforts, climate studies, and scientific studies of volume, heat and fresh water fluxes and their pathways. They are configured with both regional and highly idealized setups at moderate (~10 km) to high-resolution (500 m) grid dimensions and with integration intervals of up to six decades in length. Extensive model-data comparisons provide useful metrics for evaluating model performance.

The models that we run include the following:

  • Pan-Arctic Regional Ocean Model Setup (PAROMS)
    • 1979-2014 hindcast
  • Northwest Gulf of Alaska (NWGOA)
    • 1999-2008 hindcast
  • Beaufort Shelf High-Resolution Model
    • Nested domain model with sea ice
  • Idealized Chukchi Shelf model
    • Modeling of subducted intrapycnal lenses
  • Idealized Bering Shelf model
    • Modeling shelf circulation response to the influence of both the Pacific-Arctic pressure head and steady-state winds
  • Alaska Region Vertically Integrated (ARVI) model
    • Storm surge and continental shelf wave model
    • 1990-2012 hindcast
  • Northeast Pacifc (NEP) model, version NEP6
    • 1950-2012 hindcasts

Two satellite images

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Project Funding

Start Date: 0000-00-00 End Date: 0000-00-00


Research Team

Seth Danielson

Seth Danielson

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor


  • Continental shelf circulation processes
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Atmosphere-ocean interactions

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Kate Hedstrom

Kate Hedstrom

Co-Principal Investigator

Research Staff


  • Oceanographic Specialist

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Co-Principal Investigator

Enrique Curchitser


CFOS Student

Ko-Fan Lu
Ph.D. Student