NE Chukchi Sea Moored Ecosystem Observatory

Project Description

A multi-institutional, multi-investigator partnership operates and maintains a subsurface moored observatory on the NE Chukchi shelf near 71.6N, 161.5W. The first deployment occurred in September 2014 and the mooring will be re-deployed annually through at least 2018.The instruments record with high temporal resolution throughout the year, including the under-sampled and poorly understood seasons when sea ice typically inhibits ship-based sampling. Measurements include ice, ocean physics, nutrient and carbonate chemistry, particulate matter, phytoplankton, zooplankton, fisheries, and marine mammal datasets, thereby providing multifaceted views into the inter-trophic co-variability of the Chukchi shelf ecosystem. This project is supported by a multi-institutional consortium that includes the Alaska Ocean Observing System, the North Pacific Research Board, Olgoonik-Fairweather, Université Laval, the University of Washington andthe University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Research Team

Principal Investigator

picture of Seth Danielson

Seth Danielson

Research Associate Professor
  • Continental shelf circulation processes
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Atmosphere-ocean interactions
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picture of Russell Hopcroft

Russell Hopcroft

  • trophodynamics
  • midwater ecology
  • zooplankton
  • Arctic and subarctic ecosystems
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picture of Andrew McDonnell

Andrew McDonnell

Associate Professor
  • Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Marine Particle Dynamics
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Oceanographic Optics
  • Alaska's Blue Economy
(907) 474-7529
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picture of Peter Winsor

Peter Winsor

Associate Professor
  • Alaska Ocean Observing System
  • Physical Oceanography
(907) 474-7740
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Claudine HauriChemical Oceanography, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Catherine LalandeMarine biogeochemistry, Université Laval

Kate StaffordMarine Mammal Acoustics, University of Washington


Project Funding

Multiple funding sources
Amount: $2,000,000
Start Date: 2014-06-00 End Date: 2020-07-00

Project Website

Chukchi Ecosystem Observatory
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