Port Valdez Environmental Studies Program

Project Description

The Port Valdez Environmental Studies Program (PVESP) is a long-term environmental study currently focused on monitoring of sediments adjacent to the Valdez marine oil terminal. The long-term effort begun in 1968 with initial surveys and the work in 1971 was the first multi-disciplinary environmental study in Alaska. The study provides a long-term record of biological and chemical characteristics of sediments throughout the fjord but also includes extensive oceanographic and biological investigations of the environment.

Research Team

Principal Investigator

picture of Arny Blanchard

Arny Blanchard

Research Full Professor
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Benthic Ecology
  • Invertebrate Taxonomy
(907) 474-1123
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picture of David Shaw

David Shaw

Professor Emeritus
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Project Funding

Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.
Start Date: 1968-00-00 End Date: 0000-00-00

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