Synthesis and retrospective analysis of zooplankton communities for assessing the impact of environmental change in the Arctic Ocean

Project Description

The focus of this project is the consolidation of zooplankton data from the Arctic Ocean. The data are collected from several different sources such as online databases, collaborators, reports and analysis of new samples. We are updating the taxonomy on the older datasets and also fill in missing information as far as possible. Previously unanalyzed zooplankton samples from the Canada Basin covering four years (2003-2006) were identified to the lowest possible taxa. Our goal is to get the zooplankton data in one data portal and into the same format. The data are then being used for analysis such as predicting the distribution and abundance of important zooplankton species throughout the Arctic Ocean and analyzing zooplankton communities and how they might differ throughout the Arctic. Having a large collection of data, historical as well as current, can help to assess the influences climate change might have on the arctic ecosystem.

Project Funding

Start Date: 0000-00-00
End Date: 0000-00-00


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Research Team

Russell Hopcroft

Russell Hopcroft

Principal Investigator

Chair, Department of Oceanography; Professor


  • trophodynamics
  • midwater ecology
  • zooplankton
  • Arctic and subarctic ecosystems

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Co-Principal Investigators

Falk Huettmann 


Research Staff

Imme Rutzen

Cheryl Clarke-Hopcroft

Chris Stark