UAF Meritorious Service Award


The UAF Meritorious Service Award is a high and rare honor, given to individuals for outstanding service that is typically locale-oriented. Nominees should be individuals who have demonstrated evidence of significant services publicly, academically, voluntarily or philanthropically; have provided services to UAF or to one of the community campuses, or to an Alaska community; have longevity of commitment and/or service; and/or diversity – culturally and/or discipline.


The official criteria for this award is outlined in the UA Board of Regents’ policy and regulations (Part X – Academic Policy – Chapter 10.03.030).

Meritorious service awards may be conferred upon approval of the Board of Regents.

  1. Criteria The criterion for individuals to receive a meritorious service award from an MAU is evidence of significant public, academic, volunteer or philanthropic service to the MAU or one of its community campuses, or to an Alaska community.
  2. Campus Procedure The chancellors of each MAU will establish a meritorious service award committee and a separate procedure for nominating individuals for meritorious service awards that provides for an open process for suggesting prospective nominees and respect for a prospective nominee’s privacy. No current regent may be a prospective nominee. Each year each chancellor may nominate individuals to receive a meritorious service award and forward the names and supporting information to the president.
  3. President Review The president will investigate the qualifications and character of each nominee. The president may forward nominees for a meritorious service award to the board.
  4. Board of Regents’ Conferral The board may award a meritorious service award to a nominee. The board will confer each meritorious service award at the MAU that grants the award. A meritorious service award may not be awarded in absentia, but may be awarded posthumously if the board approved the recipient before their demise.

Nominations for meritorious service award candidates may be made by members of the Board of Regents, campus advisory councils, members of the university community, or citizens of the state. The MAU will acknowledge the receipt of such nominations to the nominator. The nominator may request to appear before the committee to speak to the nomination.

Ordinarily a meritorious service award will be conferred within the academic year in which it is approved. A chancellor may request from the president, postponement to the following year.

Nominations will include a brief statement of the following information on each candidate:

  1. name and pertinent personal information;
  2. outstanding service to the university and/or community;
  3. rationale for recommendation for meritorious service award;
  4. person making the nomination; and
  5. supporting letters.
  •  Nominations accepted - March 1 - June 30.
  • MSA committee reviews - July 1
  • MSA committee recommendations to Chancellor - August 1
  • Approved nominees forwarded to the UA president
  • Approved nominees placed on the September Board of Regents agenda

The MSA award will be presented during UAF’s commencement ceremony May of the following year after acceptance.