Key messages to legislators on FY20 veto

Phone or email your legislator and tell them why the university is critical to Alaska’s future and ask them to vote to overturn the governor’s budget vetoes. Be UA Strong and stand up, speak out!

To get in touch with your legislator, visit If you don’t know who represents you, just scroll down to the bottom of that page and type your address into the search box.

Things to consider saying:

  • Please exercise your constitutional right to override this veto and protect the future of Alaska.

  • The $130 million veto from the University of Alaska’s FY20 operating budget will devastate one of Alaska’s most important economic development institutions. 

  • When combined with the $5 million cut previously approved by the legislature, Alaska’s only public higher education institution is being asked to cut $135 million, or 41%, in the fiscal year beginning July 1.

  • These unprecedented cuts will cripple this institution, our state’s economy, and future opportunities for Alaskans. Simply put, if not overridden, this veto will strike an institutional and reputational blow from which we may likely never recover.

  • Reductions of this magnitude will impact every aspect of our mission and necessitate deep cuts to educational programs, essential research and community services all over the state. 

  • At these budget levels, at lease an additional 1,300 staff and faculty will lose their jobs. Not a single campus will be unaffected, and will likely result in the need to shutter some community campuses outright.

  • State investment is essential to our ability to raise the other nearly 60% of our budget – from student tuition, service fees, research revenue, alumni, private and other philanthropic giving. That in turn will result in additional cuts to positions and services.