To be eligible to receive services at the Student Health and Counseling Center, you must be a current student. Students must be taking at least 6 credit hours and pay the $150 health center fee.

Cost: $150 per semester; $100 summer
Who pays: Students enrolled in 6 or more classroom credits including UAF, CTC, University Park and Hutchison campuses. Distance Ed and eLearning courses are not counted towards the 6 credit threshold.
What's covered: Basic medical and counseling services at the Student Health and Counseling Center on the Fairbanks campus.

Students taking 6 credit hours or more on the main campus are automatically assessed $150 Health Center Fee for the fall and spring semesters. If you are taking less than 6 credits on the main campus and some are web based this fee is not assessed automatically. You will need to add the fee to your account if you would like to receive medical or counseling services at the Student Health and Counseling Center. 

This fee is NOT insurance and does not provide any type of insurance coverage.

The Health Center fee makes  students eligible to access the medical and counseling services provided at the Student Health and Counseling Center.  Minimal charges are incurred when medications, labs or supplies are provided, there is no office visit charge.

Included in the cost of the Health Center fee, students receive up to 5 free counseling sessions per semester.  If a student requires more than 5 sessions, our counselors will do their best to refer them to the most appropriate community resource.

Summer eligibility is 6 credit hours and a $100 Health Center fee. The limit on Counseling sessions after the Health Center fee has been paid is 4 sessions at no additional charge.  If you have graduated, you are no longer eligible to be seen or receive services from the Health and Counseling Center.


The Health Center Fee of $150 is NOT INSURANCE

Health Center Fee:        *This fee is $150 per semester.  

  • This fee allows you to utilize UAF’s Student Health & Counseling Center and receive medical and counseling services.
  • 6 or more credits/semester on main campus and in the classroom  (Fall/Spring): MANDATORY fee and will be automatically charged to your fee statement. For Summer Sessions: if you take 6 credits or more over the course of the summer, the fee is mandatory.*
  • 6 credits/semester that are online or distance  (Fall/Spring): OPTIONAL (ask to have it added to your fees). For Summer Sessions, if you are taking less than 6 credits, you may use the health center for a bridge fee if you are enrolled in the upcoming fall semester for 6 or more credits and you were eligible for health center services in the preceding spring semester.
  • Less than 6 credits/semester (Fall/Spring) or Summer Sessions: NOT AVAILABLE unless you qualify for the summer bridge fee.
  • For students who are assessed the fee on a mandatory basis, the fee may be waived ONLY under certain circumstances (see your class schedule under Fees for more information). 
  • Please note that this fee is NOT a user fee – it is assessed to students as explained above and is not assessed based upon usage of the Health Center.
  • The health center fee is based on a student’s cumulative credit hours over the course of the summer. If a student plans to take a total of six credits or more during the summer, he/she is encouraged to register early in order to be able to take advantage of the health center during all the summer months.
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