UnitedHealthCare Student Resources Website:

to print id cards and check claims, students need to establish an account at the following website. You will find a link in the right upper area of this page to create an account. A copy of the brochure and other information can be located here.

Please be aware that the graduate school no longer puts the student health center fee on accounts that have have the graduate student insurance. If you would like to have access to services provided at the student health center, you will have to have it added on by filling out the optional form found on the Bursar's website. .

The benefits of using the student health and counseling center with your graduate insurance is that everything provided at the health and counseling center is covered at 100%, there is no deductible or co payment required. If you have to use your graduate insurance at community clinics, you will have to pay your deductibles and co pays. The first deductible is $400. Please read your policy very carefully.

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