Thomas K. Green

Thomas K. Green

Research Description

    Our research focuses on development of bioanalytical methods and organic synthesis. We are developing robust capillary electrophoresis (CE) with fluorescence detection for the analysis for neurotransmitters. Cyclodextrins synthesized in our own lab are used as chiral selectors to separate and detect D/L-amino acids, adenosine and sphingosine analogues. We also employ ketoreductases in stereoselective syntheses, with an aim toward synthesis of fluorinated sphingosine analogues. Sphingosines are important lipid signaling molecules in a wide range of biological pathways. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact me directly if you have an interest in this type of research.

Enzymatic reduction

Selected Publications

1.  McKee JA, Green TK “Synthesis of 2,3-O-dibenzyl-6-O-sulfobutyl-α and β cyclodextrins: new 
      chiral surfactants for capillary electrophoresis” Tetrahedron Letters 2015, 56, 4451-4454.
2.  Stephen TKL, Guillemette K, Green TK “Analysis of Trinitrophenylated Adenosine and Inosine
       by Capillary Electrophoresis and γ-Cyclodextrin-enhanced Fluorescence Detection” Analytical
2016, 88(15), 7777-7785.
3.  Green TK, Damarancha A, Vanagel M, Showalter B, Kolberg S, Thompson A “Stereoselective
      Reduction of α‐Fluoro‐β‐keto Esters by NADH and NADPH‐Dependent Ketoreductases”
       European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019, 4080-4084.


  • B.S. 1977, Kearney State College
  • Ph.D. 1984, University of Tennessee


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Thomas K. Green
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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