Graduate Courses in Environmental Chemistry

For a full listing of department courses please see the UAF course catalog.

CHEM 601 / ATM 601 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences

CHEM 605 / ENVE 641 Aquatic Chemistry

CHEM 606 / ATM 606 Atmospheric Chemistry

CHEM 609/ GEOS 633 Environmental Geochemistry

CHEM 618 Crystallography and Diffraction 

CHEM 631 / ATM 631 Environmental Fate and Transport

CHEM 632  Molecular Spectroscopy

CHEM 655  Environmental Toxicology

CHEM 660 / MSL 660 Chemical Oceanography

CHEM 666 Scientific Teaching

CHEM 691 Research Presentation Techniques

CHEM 692 Chemistry Seminar

Graduate Courses in Related Topics

Students in Environmental Chemistry have a wide range of additional course offerings available in Atmospheric Sciences, Geology and Geophysics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Biology. Some of the courses commonly used to satisfy elective requirements are listed below.

ATM 606 Atmospheric Chemistry

ATM 613 Atmospheric Radiation

ATM 615  Cloud Physics

ATM 631 Environmental Fate and Transport

ATM 645 Atmospheric Dynamics

GEOS 614  Ice Physics

GEOS 615  Sea Ice

GEOS 618 Introduction to Geochemistry

GEOS 619  Advanced X-ray Spectroscopy

GEOS 633 Environmental Geochemistry

CE 663  Groundwater Dynamics

ENVE 641  Aquatic Chemistry

ENVE 642  Contaminant Hydrology

ENVE 651  Environmental Risk Assessment

ENVE 652  Introduction to Toxicology for Engineers and Scientists

ENVE 658  Energy and the Environment

MSL 660 Chemical Oceanography