Director's Corner

December 9, 2010

Pauline F. Harvey, UAF Director

It has been my pleasure to serve as first the interim director, and now the director of Chukchi Campus.   I am from the village of Noorvik and am pleased that I can continue to serve my region in a larger capacity.   I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Noorvik and Kivalina as Assistant Principal and Principal.   Recently, I addressed the Future Teachers of Alaska and was pleased to see a hundred students interested in becoming teachers and principals.   This is critical to the academic and cultural success of our Inupiaq students in the Northwest Arctic region.   I shared with these young minds my first experiences of college in upstate New York and how my cousin and I would eat frozen Banquet chicken in lieu of our frozen fish!   We also would bring pizza to the nearest cemetery, the quietest place we could find, and eat in peace!   Since those experiences in the late ‘70s, I have spent 27.5 years first as a grade school teacher and more recently as a principal in this region and for the Anchorage School District.  

At Chukchi Campus, I am pleased to announce that we have written three grants this summer (2010): one HUD grant and two Title III grants.   We were awarded all three grants this fall.   The HUD grant will allow us to work in partnership with UAF Cold Climate Housing Research, the Northwest Housing Inupiat Authority and the Alaska Technical Center to build a home in the summer of 2012 that uses best practices for alternative energy and cost savings techniques.   The Title III Renovation Grant will allow us to erect an addition to our campus to house our flight simulator, build a classroom for aviation classes, and to build a storage room for alternative energy materials.   I visited the Yuut Aviation program in Bethel last month and discovered they had graduated many local pilots in the last decade.   We will begin doing fund searches for this as we build our addition.   Finally, our third grant is also a Title III grant and this grant basically provides the basic funding needed to supplement UAF CRCD funding and keep our doors open.  

Our campus is dedicated to the preservation of the Inupiaq language.   We are working on creating more Inupiaq language classes and hope to pair tech savvy folks with our elder speakers. This will help form a partnership that will benefit the expertise of both generations.   We encourage all people to keep trying to speak Inupiaq even though we make mistakes!   My generation and those younger would appreciate encouragement from the fluent speakers.   Speaking our Inupiaq language is one of our inherent rights as Inupiat people.

We honor and give recognition to all our regional partners, whom have been very welcoming and respectful of my leadership:   The Northwest Arctic Borough, The Northwest Arctic Borough School District, NANA Regional Corporation, Maniilaq Association, as well as the City and IRA traditional councils in our region.   Quyanaq (Thank you) for all the great support and mentorship.  

Happy Holidays, and stay safe during this time in which we spend with the ones we love.   I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability, with the wonderful staff and faculty at Chukchi Campus!

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