Complainant Parties

Questions from Complainant Parties

Q. How do I file a complaint?

A. If you are an instructor wishing to report an academic integrity violation, click here. If you wish to speak to a staff member before filing a complaint, please contact the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities at (907) 474-7317.

If you would like to report the non-academic behavior of a student, use our online reporting forms. Someone from the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities will contact you after the report is received. While you can anonymously report behavior, please note that we are sometimes unable to take any action from anonymous reports.

Q. What happens after I file a complaint?

A. The Conduct Coordinator will review the complaint. He or she may refer the case to the Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development, who will conduct a Preliminary Review. The Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development will examine the evidence supporting the complaint and determine whether to charge the student with a violation. If the student is charged, there are several options for resolving the matter. See The Conduct Process for an explanation of the next stages.

Q. What do I have to do as the complainant party?

A. You will explain your side of the case to the Conduct Coordinator conducting the Preliminary Review and provide any information or witnesses that support your complaint. If the case goes forward, you will be responsible for explaining the complaint and presenting your evidence and witnesses.

The burden of proof rests with the person making the complaint. A student can be found responsible for a violation only if the allegations are proven by "clear and convincing information" (in academic integrity matters) or by "a preponderance of evidence" (in all other cases).

If the case goes to a Conduct Meeting, you must be prepared to ask questions of the accused student, his or her witnesses, and your own witnesses. The accused student and the Conduct Coordinator will also have the opportunity to ask questions of you and your witnesses.

Q. I want to report a possible violation, but I don't want to act as the complainant party in the disciplinary process. What will happen?

A. You may anonymously report a potential violation by filling out this form and leaving out your identifying information. Please keep in mind that anonymous reports may not have enough clarity of information to warrant an investigation.

Q. What happens to the accused student if he or she is found responsible?

A. The sanction imposed depends upon the violation, the severity of the violation, and the circumstances of the particular case. A list of possible sanctions can be found in the Student Code of Conduct under P.09.02.050 "Disciplinary Sanctions and Reinstatement of University Benefits."

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