Q. Why was I called as a witness for a hearing?

A. Either you have stated that you were a witness, or someone involved with the incident has indicated that you have direct knowledge pertaining to the case. If you feel you have no information to provide, contact the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities at (907) 474-7317 or uaf-studentrights@alaska.edu.

Q. As a witness, do I have to appear at the hearing?

A. Yes. You have been identified as a witness to a violation of University policy. As a student, you are obligated to provide information you have concerning any incident that results in a hearing. If you fail to appear at the hearing, you may be found "in violation" of non-compliance. The only exception is if you were allegedly physically victimized in the situation. In this case the University will not force you to attend.

Q. Is the conduct hearing like a court hearing?

A. No. A conduct hearing is much less formal and you will not be sworn in as you would during a court hearing. In a conduct hearing, you will be asked to tell what you saw or heard truthfully and to the best of your ability to remember.

Q. How long will the hearing last?

A. The length of a hearing depends on several factors such as the complexity of the case, the number of questions, and the number of people involved. We recommend that you bring something to do during the time you are waiting.

Q. Do I have to answer all the questions at a hearing?

A. As a witness, you should be honest when answering all questions. If there is a reason that you do not want to respond to a particular question, discuss the issue with the Conduct Hearing Board.

Q. What if I lose the hearing notice?

A. Contact the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities at (907) 474-7317, or stop by Eielson room 110.

Q. What should I do if I am harassed by someone about the hearing?

A. If you are harassed or threatened at any time, contact the University Police at (907) 474-7721 immediately for assistance. If it is a dire emergency, dial 911.

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