Dr Theresa Arevgaq John

Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies

Theresa Arevgaq John is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cross-cultural Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has authored numerous academic articles and a co-author of a book Yupiit Yuraryarait: Yup’ik Ways of Dancing and has presented her work at dozens of local, national, and international professional conferences. Dr. John currently serves on the National Advisory Council on Indian Education and the International Indigenous Women’s Forum. She is a former member of the Alaskan State Council Arts and the former Chair of the Traditional Native Arts Panel. She is also the recipient of the Governor's Distinguished Humanities Educator Award and Alaska State Library Award. Dr. John received her B.S., M.Ed., and Ph.D. from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

As an advocate for Native education, she is highly involved in various organizations and projects that promote traditional Native culture, history, spirituality, language and education. Among John's many affiliations, she is involved in the University Alaska Native and Language Committee, Alaska Native Education and Computer Assisted Language Learning project. She is a member of the National Indian Education Association and a former member of the Statewide Bilingual Multicultural Education Council, Alaska Association for Bilingual Education, Alaska Native Heritage Center Project, Qayaqs and Canoes, Paddling into the Millennium Selection Committee, and Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative. John has extensive performing experience, including several Yup'ik Traditional Dance Groups and her one woman show Yup'ik Arnaq. She is the founder of the Nunarpak Dancers at Alaska Pacific University, the Annual Cama-i Dance Festival in Bethel, the Inu-Yupiaq student Dancer Group at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, co-founder of the Tuma Theatre, and participated in the development of the Festival of Native Arts. John has performed all over the world, in festivals in Greenland, Greece, France, Russia, the Far East and Peru.

"I believe that we are all lifelong learners. It is very important to share our wisdom and knowledge with others. We can live in the world of peace and harmony..."

Recent Publications

John, T. Nutemllaq Yugtun Qaneryaraput: Our Very Own Way of Speaking Yugtun in Southwestern Alaska in Global Sociolinguistics. (IN PRESS) Taylor and Francis Routledge. 2013.
Parker Webster, J and John, T. A book chapter entitled On Becoming a “Literate” Person: Meaning Making with Multiliteracies and Multimodal Tools (p. 73-100) in Communities of practice: An Alaskan Native Model for language teaching and learning. University of Arizona Press. 2013.
John, T. Piciryaramta Elicungcallra: teaching our way of life through our language. Tundra Drums. Vol.40. No.7. June 25, 2012.
Webster, Joan Parker and John, T. (2010) Research in the contact zone: Preserving a space for cross-cultural collaborations: an account of insider/outsider issues. Ethnography and Education.
Barker, J., Fienup-Riordan, A. and John, T. “Yupiit Yuraryarait: Yup’ik Ways of Dancing” UA Press 2010.
John, T. Yaaruiyaraq: A way of storyknifing. The Delta Discovery. Vol. 13, Issue 33. August 17, 2011.
John, T. Petugtaryaraq: a gift to the young. Tundra Drums. Volv. 38, No. 41. December 16, 2011.
John, T. Nutemllarput: Our Very Own, a Yup’ik epistemology. Canadian Journal of Native Education. Vol. 32, 2009 (54-72) Number 1.     
John, T. Mikelnguum nutem qaneryaramteggun tarenrateggun-llu qanemcitlriit: Children storytelling through pictures and Yugtun.Tundra Drums. April 16, 2010.
Webster, Joan Parker and John, T. (In Press) Insiders and outsiders: From dualism to continuum. Ethnography and Education.


PSY/CCS 602: Native Ways of Knowing
CCS 639: Indigenous Philosophy
CCS/RD 608: Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Professional Service

International Indigenous Women’s Forum, Global Leadership School, May 2014
Distinguished Governor’s Humanities Award, 2002
President’s Obama’s National Advisory Council on Indian Education, 2010
Board of Directors, Alaska State Council on Arts, 1990-2010
Service to Underrepresented Groups in Alaska Native Education, Technology
Alaska Native Education, Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2013-
Piciryamta Elicallra (Teaching our way of life through our language, 2007-2010
Alaska Native Language and Culture UAF Committee, 2004-2014
Conference and Symposium Organizer
National Indian Education Association, 2014
Bilingual Multicultural Education Conference, 2014.


e-mail: tjohn@alaska.edu 


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