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RD 400 Rural Development Internship (3 credits)

UAF Catalog Description:

RD 400 Rural Development Internship (3 credits)
Structured experience in an appropriate agency or corporate setting. Student and instructor collaborate to identify appropriate internship. Intended to provide students with on the job experience to enhance skills acquired via coursework. Approved internship position required and student must discuss internship with their advisor at least one full semester in advance of when they intend to take the course. Enrollment only by prior arrangement with the instructor.  3 credits.

Course Goals:

  • Provide the student with professional work experiance that enhances Rural Developlment degree.
  • Develop the student's capacity to quickly identify key workplace requirements and determine how best the succeed in a specific work environment.
  • Develop the student's capacity to evaluate their own skills sets and determine where to find their own "best fit" in terms of employment.
  • Strengthen leadership capacity for the student with regard to work in rural and Indigenous communities.

Course Requirements and Overview:

The Rural Development Internship (RD 400) is an integral part of the Rural Development program. Students should begin thinking about the internship requirement at least two semesters before they intend to enroll into the course for credit. There are many internship opportunities that a student may consider some of which have very competitive requirements for acceptance. Students should investigate options for both onsite and virtual internships both of which can be accepted for credit provided they meet the other course requirements for things like contact hours and supervision by the agency or company.

The student should make contact with the instructor of record for RD 400 as soon as they start looking at internships even if they don’t plan to register for the credits until the following semester or even the following academic year. Often an internship will be available during the summer months that can be approved; when this happens the RD 400 instructor needs to communicate with the agency to make sure that course requirements for supervision and record keeping are met while the actual internship is in progress. The student then completes remaining requirements during the enrolled semester.

  *On occasion a student may enroll into the Rural Development program who already has extensive workplace experience that will be relevant to their degree field after they graduate. An example would be a student with at least five years’ experience working for a government agency, Native organization or other business entity in positions that require increasing levels of responsibility leading up to a significant supervisory or leadership assignment. Students who feel they qualify based on prior work experience, may petition the Department Chair to waive the internship requirement and substitute another course from the list that follows in its stead. The petition will be reviewed by the Co-Chair, the instructor of record for RD 400 and one additional faculty member. If approved, the student will be expected to take the substitute course the same semester in which they would have taken RD 400. If a student has already taken a course on the list of approved substitutions within the past five years, they may ask to have that course approved when they submit the petition however approval for such a request is not guaranteed.

A student may also qualify for a waiver if they have already successfully completed one or more internships that can be combined with a shorter period of employment.

** An appropriate graduate level course may be used as a substitute but students should be aware that they would not be able to use this course later to satisfy graduate program requirements.


Contact Information

If you are an employer or a student, and you want to know more about the RD 400 Internship requirement, please contact:

Professor Patricia Sekaquaptewa

Phone: (907) 474-1539



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