Below are general questions that students ask frequently. Please refer to the tabs on the left for additional FAQ topics.

Q. Which office handles student conduct matters?

A. Matters that are related to student conduct are handled by the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students office is located in Eielson Building room 110. The phone number is (907) 474-7317. Our email address is uaf-deanofstudents@alaska.edu. Additional questions and concerns can be answered by emailing the Dean of Students office.

Q. Will I be notified if someone has made an allegation against me?

A. University policy states that students will receive notice of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Notice is generally sent via email to the preferred email address that the student has on file with the University. A student's preferred email address can be found on UAOnline under "Contact Information."

Q. Who can I talk to if I have question about the Student Conduct Process?

A. You can talk with a staff member in the Dean of Students office. You are also encouraged speak with a Counselor in the Student Health Center if you begin to feel overwhelmed while going through the process.

Q. I received an initial appointment letter, what should I do?

A. You should make sure to follow the directions in the notice. Typically this means attending the meeting that hs been scheduled with the University official.

Q. Can I be found responsible for violating a University policy if the incident occurred off-campus?

A. Yes. You can be found responsible for violating a University policy off-campus and, in fact, anywhere in the world.

Q. How do I request to view or receive a copy of my disciplinary file?

A. Please contact the Dean of Students office for more information on this process.

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