Pre-semester Prep for core math

Math Bridge Pre-Semester Prep

  • Spans the two weeks before each semester (Wintermester, Maymester, Augustmester)
  • Listed under the UAF eCampus
  • Uses acclaimed online program ALEKS or HAWKES to reinforce prerequisite material
  • Incorporates exercises to focus to on study skills
  • Offered online for student flexibility
  • Students are required to attend or have a proctor for the Initial and Final assessments in this course (eCampus virtual proctoring software can be used but does cost $15 per test)

Registering for the Pre-Semester Prep

Online Registrations use the CRN listed as taking place on the UAF eCampus.

If you are taking Math F122X: Precalc for Business & Economics

  • Enroll in Math F122R (Prep for Bus. Precalc)

If you are taking Math F151X: College Algebra for Calculus

  • Enroll in Math F151R (Prep for College Algrebra for Calc)

If you are taking Math F156X: Precalculus

  • Enroll in Math F156R (Prep for Precalculus)

If you are taking Math F230X: Essential Calculus

  • Enroll in Math F230R (Prep for Essential Calculus)

If you are taking Math F251X: Calculus I

  • Enroll in Math F251R (Prep for Calculus)


Deven Barnett, Math Bridge Assistant
Chap 210C