Math Bridge Program

Skills Workshops
for core math

Math Bridge Program

Skills Workshops

Business Precalculus  

College Algebra


◊ Essential Calculus

◊ Calculus I

Skills Workshops for Math F122X, Math F151X, Math 156X, Math 230X, and Math F251X are not available for summer semester.

If you would like to participate in Math Bridge during the summer, please register for the
Pre-Semester Prep (Math F122R, Math F151R, Math F156R, Math F230R, and Math F251R)

Skills Workshops are offered every Fall and Spring semester.

 What a Skill Workshop is

  • Semester-long concurrent course that meets twice a week for an hour each time 
  • Classes expand on and take a step back from the material in the corresponding math class 
  • Small class sizes & personal attention from Math Bridge Assistants 
  • Incorporates exercises to focus on study skills

Signing up for a Skill Workshop
You can find these 1 credit courses in the current catalog

Business Precalculus Skill Workshop: Math F122S

College Algebra Skill Workshop: Math F151S

Precalculus Skill Workshop: Math F156S

Essential Calculus: Math F230S

Calculus I Skill Workshop: Math F251S


Contact: Deven Barnett, Math Bridge Assistant 
Chap 210C